Begin a Child’s Education at Lancaster New City’s St. Edward Integrated School

By | December 12, 2018

For Filipino families, children’s education is one of the top priorities. Provide children with the education and necessary life skills they need at Lancaster New City Cavite’s St. Edward Integrated School.

[IMUS, 12/12/2018] – Back in 2012, the newest batch of freshman high school students across the Philippines entered high school with the expectation that they would finish in four years, as usual. A year later, former president Benigno Aquino signed into law the K-12 program, adding two more years to high school.

Earlier this year, those students became the first batch to graduate under the new educational system. Prior to its implementation, there were estimates that 400,000 out of the 1.5 million junior high school graduates would not proceed to senior high. However, enrollment statistics show that 1.4 million went on to 11th grade and 1.2 million reached and graduated from senior high.

In spite of these numbers, a considerable number of youths still dropped out of school. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, one of the main reasons for not attending or for dropping out of school in 2016 was the lack of personal interest.

Parents need not worry about this at St. Edward Integrated School in Lancaster New City Cavite. With its special facilities, children can start developing not just interest, but enthusiasm for learning.

Start Loving Learning at St. Edward Integrated School

St. Edward Integrated School makes full use of the K-12 program, shaping its students to become professionals and globally competitive individuals. Its supplementary and competitive facilities such as an Audio-Visual Room, Gym, and Science Laboratory ensure that students discover and hone their individual competencies that will prepare them for higher levels of education.

The Kindergarten curriculum at St. Edward Integrated School encompasses seven domains that address specific growth aspects in children. These developmental domains include:

• Socio-emotional development

• Values development

• Physical health and motor development

• Aesthetic and creative development

• Mathematics

• Understanding the physical and natural environment

• Language, literacy, and communication.

With all these and more, children can reach their full potential at St. Edward Integrated School.

About St. Edward Integrated School

Established in 2012, St. Edward Integrated School is a private facility that provides affordable, high quality, and Catholic school education for Lancaster New City Cavite Residents. The school offers K-12 education with tracks in ICT, ABM, and STEM.

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