Buying Guide – How to Choose Tactical Flashlights

By | December 11, 2018

Simple as it may seem, a tactical flashlight is actually a sophisticated gear that is tricky to choose. Mesmerized in this product for almost a month, we present this review after study and test of two dozens of products on Amazon. Spending 10 minutes going through our review of 9 best tactical flashlights, and you will have a clear idea of your best pick.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Tactical Flashlightsbest tactical flashlight

  • Lumens

Most ordinary flashlights have under 500 lumens, but the tactical flashlight delivers much higher than that, often 800-1000 lumens. The actual covering area and brightness are also subject to the LED type, lens material, and light spill.

  • Weight and Size

As a tactical flashlight, we expect it as compact, better pocket-size, and ultra-light. This limits the size up to around 5in in length and 0.6lbs in weight. So most tactical flashlights are built by airspace aluminum for light weight and duration in the even extreme environment.

  • Battery and Duration

The AAA batteries in traditional flashlights are still prevailing in tactical flashlights. However, we do see more and more tactical lights are also compatible with 18650 rechargeable lithium cells, which is certainly more eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Some tactical flashlights also opt to use Chromium batteries (e.g. CR123), to reduce weight and size.

  • Setting and Function

The most popular settings on market are 5 light modes, to save battery in normal use and strobe/spotlight mode to blind your enemies or preys. Some low-end ones offer 3 modes, which is also practical in daily life. The Zoom function is found pretty useful to adjust focus for a close and long range.