Digital Therapeutics Market Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects 2025

By | August 3, 2018

North America accounted for the largest share of the global digital therapeutics market in 2016. This can be attributed to number of factors such as rise in elderly population requiring better healthcare facilities, presence of large number of digital therapy providers in the region, high rate of adoption of advanced medical devices and rise in demand for patient-centric healthcare procedures. Europe accounted for the second largest share of the global market in 2016 due to increase demand for digitalization of healthcare. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at fastest CAGR during forecast period owing to a number of factors such as increase in elderly population, changing healthcare infrastructure and increase in demand for cost saving screening and treatment techniques.

Competitive Insights:
Some of the major players operating in the global market are Proteus Digital Health, Omada Health, Inc., WellDoc Inc., 2Morrow, Inc., Livongo Health, Propeller Health, Twinehealth, Canary Health, Inc. Mango Health, Inc. and Noom, Inc.

Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis:
The global Digital Therapeutics Market is estimated to be around $9 billion by 2025. The market is expected to witness high growth during forecast period due to increase in demand for digitalization of healthcare and effective management of acute and chronic diseases. Besides rise in incidences of chronic diseases, technological up gradation, demand for preventive measures for management of diseases and rising demand for e-health will further drive the market growth. Increasing use of smartphones and growing number of internet users globally will significantly contribute to the growth of the market.

Application Outlook and Trend Analysis:
Diabetes segment is expected to witness highest growth over the forecast period, due to increase in prevalence of diabetes worldwide. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 415 million people across globe were affected by diabetes as of 2015 and this number is expected to reach 642 million by 2040. Such a high prevalence of diabetes will primarily drive growth of the market. Preventive market segment is expected to witness fastest growth during forecast period. This can be attributed to factors such as increasing demand for pre-screening techniques for various chronic diseases and rise in demand for cost saving preventive healthcare programs.

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The Digital Therapeutics Market is segmented as follows-

Digital Therapeutics Market, By Application, Estimates and Forecast, 2016-2025 ($Million)
Medication Adherence
Central Nervous System Disease
Respiratory Diseases
Musculoskeletal Diseases
Smoking Cessation
Cardiovascular Diseases
Other Applications

Digital Therapeutics Market, By End User, Estimates and Forecast, 2016-2025 ($Million)

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Major TOC of Digital Therapeutics Market:
Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Executive Summary
Part 3. Market Overview
Part 4. Market Analysis by Regions
Part 5. Digital Therapeutics Market, By Application
Part 6. Digital Therapeutics Market, By Services
Part 7. Digital Therapeutics Market, By Product
Part 8. Digital Therapeutics Market, By Region
Part 9. Company Profiles
Part 10. Global Digital Therapeutics Market Competition, by Manufacturer
Part 11. Digital Therapeutics Market Forecast (2018-2023)

List of Tables
Table 1.Global Digital Therapeutics Market, By Application ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 2.Preventive Market, By Application ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 3.Preventive Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 4.Prediabetes Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 5.Obesity Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 6.Treatment / Care Market, By Application ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 7.Treatment / Care Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 8.Diabetes Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 9.Cardiovascular Diseases Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 10.Central Nervous System Diseases Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025

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Data Validation:
We believe primary research is a very important tool in analyzing and forecasting different markets. In order to make sure accuracy of our findings, our team conducts primary interviews at every stage of research to gain deep insights into current business environment and future trends and key developments in market. This includes use of various methods such as telephonic interviews, focus groups, face to face interviews and questionnaires to validate our research from all aspects. We validate our data through primary research from key industry leaders such as CEO, product managers, marketing managers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers are frequently interviewed. These interviews provide valuable insights which help us to have better market understanding besides validating our estimates and forecast.

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