Duraplan Offers Robust and Customisable Commercial Toilet Partitions

By | November 29, 2018

[29/11/2018, Whangarei] – Duraplan is an industry leader in providing robust restroom solutions for a wide array of industries. The company also offers installations and complete fit-outs for commercial and industrial washrooms.

The company’s product line includes heavy-duty commercial bathroom partitions for a range of industries, including the education, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Market-leading toilet partitions 

Duraplan’s team has a wealth of experience in partnering with architects, builders, construction firms and developers to provide their clientele with durable and reliable toilet cubicles.

The company offers a range of builds and designs for various budgets and requirements. Whether clients need fit-outs for a hotel, hospital or youth centre, Duraplan can provide customised and industry-leading solutions. Their products are designed to address the concerns of high-demand commercial environments while meeting project timelines and staying within the project budget. Customised designs are also available upon the client’s request.

Duraplan’s range of products

Duraplan includes the following cubicle systems in their catalogue:

• City Trim Range – Duraplan’s City Trim range provides a simple and minimalist style to any washroom environment. Its specially designed aluminium profiled feet are fixed directly on the floor, enhancing strength and style. The City Trim range also comes in a Kindy range, best suited for kindergartens, primary schools and youth centres.

• Classic Range – The Classic Range is sturdy, durable and flexible. The cubicles in this range provide an aesthetically pleasing washroom solution for high-use areas. These products combine clean lines with optimum strength, putting together an aluminium framework with high-quality laminate panels. The panels in the Classic Range are non-corrosive, making them best suited to wet environments.

• Altitude Range – The Altitude Range is equipped with floor-to-ceiling partitions that provide complete privacy. The products utilise 13mm laminate panels and aluminium extrusions. The Altitude Range comes with various colour configurations, designs and height options, making the Altitude range highly versatile.

• Senator Range – Duraplan’s Senator Range is best suited for high-use, top-end restroom facilities. The products utilise an aluminium headrail and profile feet, making them highly robust while maintaining a clean and professional look. The Senator Range is ideal for large-sized cubicles, thanks to its heavy-duty build.

All of Duraplan’s commercial washroom partitions are easy to clean, have excellent antibacterial properties, and are resistant to impact, moisture, wear and graffiti. The company’s products have a 2-year hardware and installation guarantee. Its panels include a 10-year warranty.

About Duraplan

Duraplan is a leading provider of commercial restroom solutions in New Zealand. The company serves the corporate, education, healthcare, leisure and hospitality markets.

Duraplan specialises in commercial bathroom spaces. The company supplies and installs cubicle partitioning for the toilet, shower and changing room cubicles. It also utilises compact laminate boards for their products. Duraplan provides complete restroom fit-outs and high-quality refurbishments that are excellently designed and fit any budget.

The company is committed to delivering excellence in every project, and their goal is to be the perfect project partner to every client. The Duraplan team offers guidance and technical assistance for individual projects.

Learn more about Duraplan and their product line at https://duraplan.co.nz.