Form Direct is Your One-Stop Shop for Onsite Construction Supplies

By | November 29, 2018

Form Direct, a supplier of construction equipment in Australia, is a one-stop shop for construction supplies. The company is reputable for providing outstanding supplies throughout the country.

[Queensland, 29/11/2018] – Form Direct, a supplier of construction equipment and materials in Australia, is a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of efficient supplies in construction industries. The company is reputable for providing outstanding supplies and steadfast service throughout the country.

Personal and Site Equipment

Safety among workers and in the construction area is important to avoid injuries and boost productivity. Form Direct offers a range of personal and site equipment for workers such as overalls, hard hats and gloves.

The TA570 Orange hard hat is one of the company’s pieces of personal safety equipment. It is a vented hard hat made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic shell that provides comfortable and cool head protection. It features a six-point terylene harness for improved stability and 25mm accessory slots to fit face and hearing protection gears.

Access Equipment

Form Direct’s range of lifts, planks and ladders makes task completion straightforward and ensures the safety of workers when working at elevated sites.

The OX-T331007 trade ladder belongs to the range of access equipment. This ladder is made of steel and can be either folded out or formed into an A shape. Its features include high wear feet, a stable cross braced side tray and secure locking latches.

Cleaning Products and Equipment

High standards of cleanliness must be maintained in construction sites for a productive and healthy workplace. The team behind Form Direct understands the difficulty of keeping a clean site during the construction process, so they have provided a range of sanitisers and cleaning products.

From Direct’s range of cleaning products include the APM20 Pink Magic Cleaner. It is a concentrated, ammoniated and biodegradable liquid cleaner that’s ideal for most washable surfaces such as vinyl, glass, upholstery, plastic and paintwork.

About Form Direct

Form Direct is an Australian company that specialises in supplying a comprehensive range of quality on-site materials, equipment and essentials for the construction industry. The company’s strong reputation in the industry comes from their knowledge and understanding of their clients’ needs and challenges. The team also has years of experience in working closely with project managers, concreters, civil construction teams and builders across the country.

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