Kool Katts Jamaican Cuisine

By | December 28, 2018

The place is simply exotic and divine. A place to see, feel and celebrate the advent of the New Year!

Having seen 200 years of history unfold, right before it, the Battlefield Gospel Arena is located at the rear of the Lundy’s Lane United Church hall. Not far from the Niagara Falls, it is beautiful, serene and welcoming. Standing testimony to everything that humans created in and around it, the Battlefield Gospel Arena has seen war, downfall, progress, sorrow, joy, growth, success and more. Yet, it has stood ground, held by Divine hands, ready to embrace, heal and spread joy to those who believe and have Faith.

Faith is the most beautiful of human emotions.

Faith can move mountains.

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous New Year by Believing.

                                                           Sarah Ban Breathnach

No one knows what plans life holds. Believe, trust and look, what a future life unfolds! That is the beauty of Life. The more faith, we have in the Almighty, the more we feel close to Him, the stronger and better prepared we feel to face the challenges of life.  

The countdown to the New Year has begun. 2018 is all ready to fade into memory. 2019 is all set to unwind to usher in new beginnings of love and prosperity. What could be a better time to welcome the New Year in Divine presence! Beautiful historic settings of Battlefield Gospel Arena, near Niagra Falls, Canada, soulful Live Gospel music with authentic Jamaican cuisine, that would simply be bliss.

“Stirring the soul, Gospel Music is a prayer of the devout and what could be better than New Year to get together and praise the Lord. We are bringing a harmony of the best artists in Gospel Entertainment led by Alvin and Joy Slaughter to ring in the New Year with the most enthralling performances that will move your spirits!” Carlton Francis, the owner of Battlefield Gospel Arena and Kool Katts is enthusiastic about this year’s New Year celebrations.

The venue is truly exotic. 200 years of history live in this state-of-the-art exotic building. The great ambience is brought to life by the dedicated efforts of this faith based team, who add to the serenity with their zeal. Working to create a memorable experience for all irrespective of color or creed, Carlton Francis leads the team to use fun, food and companionship to spread love and healing across the community.

The New Year event is a step in similar direction with Free Church Service starting at 10.00 PM. The rest of the event is paid yet affordable so that everyone can participate and enjoy the celebrations together.

The cuisine is going to be a great fusion of Carribean flavors with a touch of Canada at this beautiful historic place. Carlton serves these flavors at another of his Jamaican hideaway, Kool Katts where quaint shops and tourist attractions against the backdrop of the Niagara Falls form a little paradise! The great blend of fresh food with exciting flavors and hot spices is going to raise the bar of the event to another level.

Pure, soulful Gospel Music is going to be the highlight of the event. Led by Alvin and Joy Slaughter, Gospel artists of International fame, the event is going to be honored by several other Gospel artists including Min Marion Christy from Jamaica, Rev. Chaplain Coley, Min. Fitz Arenzavia, Min.T.T. Turner, Dr. Richard S Mitchell, Rev. Estiban Lindsay, Tesharah Briscoe and Dahlia. Together, they will usher in the New Year with devotion, making your heart shine with purity and gentleness and anchoring your faith deeply.

Those looking to celebrate and bring in the New Year with love, friendship and faith, get your tickets at Kool Katts Jamaican Cuisine

Kool Katts
7070 Lundy’s Ln,
Niagara Falls,


Restaurant: 905-358-0258

Email: carltonfrancis88@yahoo.com

Dinner Tickets: Presold $25 Adult, $15 Children 5-12, $35 at the Door

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