New Cyber Security Skills in 2018

By | December 28, 2018

November 27, 2018 – As cyber security skills become increasingly important, educating the future IT professionals is essential. For this reason, cyber security training programs have to be updated to include all the necessary skills.

Penetration Testing is one of the skills that every cyber security training center needs to be ready to teach. This is a skill that involves intercepting hackers by beating them at their own game. IT professionals that can do this are using hacking methods to protect security systems as opposed to breaking into them. This will be a specialty in the future that all IT students will want to learn.

Incident response is another necessary skill that must be covered in one’s IT training. While identifying security incidents is important, incident response is equally important. This is a skill that takes time to develop because various areas of IT security are involved. IT professionals that learn this skill also need to be able to apply it to the specific sector they work in any business they work for.

Data science and analytics are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. This is a skill that must be mastered. Those studying IT will need to know how to create new models as well as algorithms. In the near future, those who are skilled enough to do this will be in high demand in the IT industry.

Cloud security is also a skill that students need to perfect. Many businesses find themselves lacking when it comes to employees with knowledge of cloud security. Cloud computing has become the new standard in the business world, yet the security of these networks is still unstable. With a growing number of businesses storing their information in the cloud, security will continue to be a challenge for the industry.

Finally, secure application development is a skill that must be taught. The development and operation of the software are becoming increasingly similar. Future trends point toward larger businesses needing to deploy new security applications as quickly as possible.

These skills are just the start of what current IT students will need to learn. Each of them plays a significant part in cyber security, something that is becoming an increasingly urgent need for businesses all over the world.