Parkinson’s Disease and Its Relation with Genes

By | December 28, 2018

A new genetic initiative has been announced by the Parkinson’s foundation. The main purpose of this genetic initiative is to connect clinical care with the genetic data related to Parkinson’s disease.

This was announced by the Parkinson’s foundation back in March 2018. The program also includes counseling for patients suffering from the Parkinson’s disease within the center of excellence network. On top of that, an industry advisory department along with a scientific board has also been established. The prime job of this board would be to array out research regarding Parkinson’s genetic risk, help experts in clinical care, and to establish ethics for the implementation of the initiative.

According to the CEO of Parkinson’s foundation, John L. Lehr, genetic tests are not easily affordable for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. On top of that, these tests are not even available in many places. This problem is being tackled by the foundation by offering Parkinson’s disease genetic testing along with counseling to the patients in a clinic like setting. This can help patients in the management of the disease in a better way.

The genetic initiative has the following key objectives:

1. The clinical trials will be accelerated. This is because many people, especially the patients often wonder “is Parkinson’s disease genetic or not?”. On top of that, they do not even know their own genetic status and whether they require advanced testing.

2. It also aims to unlock the research in the area and the huge potential of genetic studies for improvement of Parkinson’s care for patients. This initiative may make that biggest data poll regarding Parkinson’s disease which will link the clinical status with the genetic status of the patients.

3. Last but the not hotel east, the initiative also aims to empower the patients who suffer from Parkinson’s. This will be done by testing out the genetic data and providing care to the patients likewise, depending on their symptoms and their level of severity with the disease.

Based on the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project, the Parkinson’s foundation also aims to form a repository for the genetic data which will be the largest clinical study regarding Parkinson’s disease up till now.

More than 10000 individuals who are suffering from the disease have provided information regarding themselves to this pool. This outcomes data can be used in order to increase the understanding of the genetic impact on Parkinson’s disease along with an increase in the scientific knowledge that exists regarding this disease.

Apart from that, the foundation has already been making efforts regarding the determination of new treatments and in the identification of better methods for care via the Center of Excellence network. In order to make this possible, the foundation has equipped every center with staff that is highly qualified and carries specializations regarding the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

According to experts, about 10 to 15 percent of the cases in which patients suffer from Parkinson’s disease is a result of genetic. They are more or less, some genetic forms of the disease. Apart from that, these experts also believe that the disease is caused by complex interactions of the environmental factors and the genes of a person. The foundation, however, aims to build results further upon these theories.