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By | October 17, 2018

When and individual pass out watery and loose stool which is yellow in color, it is called yellow diarrhea. When improper digestion of fats takes place in lower intestine, then diarrhea occurs. Bile and bilirubin are responsible to give the brown color to poop, which falls under the normal and disease-free category. The byproduct of the red blood cells is called bilirubin. It is generated in the liver and leads to the gallbladder where it blends with bile. After it, bilirubin goes into the intestines and is broken down by the bacteria and passes out in the form of urine and feces.

It’s not the matter to get worried if your stool changes color. The diet you intake varies from one day to another and hence, impact your stool. If you notice that the stool is yellow in color that means you have a number of health issues and this yellow stool is also known as a pale stool. Gallbladder and liver disorders might be the reason why you are getting a yellow and watery stool. Hepatitis and cirrhosis or little amount of bile salts is responsible for the yellow stool you pass out. Bile salts help the body to absorb nutrients from the digested food. The stones available that forms in the gallbladder curtail the quantity of bile reaching your intestines and consequently you experience pain and your stool color convert from brown to yellow.

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