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Advantage in The Changing Competitive Bidding Scenario/DME Billing from Sunknowledge

Already, CMS has undertaken some important steps that open up opportunities ahead for the DME world. Starting 2019, any Medicare enrolled DMEPOS supplier will be able to supply items to beneficiaries. The new rules surely are going to extend access in a sustainable manner to DME items. The DME companies, bid winner/ non bid winners… Read More »

Sunknowledge, The Master Of DME Billing Services

DME or the Durable Medical Equipment is the fastest growing medical service sector in the US, billing for which has been professionally mastered by Sunknowledge Services Inc, as a ruling medical billing and revenue cycle management company. DME includes medical goods meant for external application primarily, prescribed by physicians for domestic use. Items like braces,… Read More »

Delivering Stand Out Support in DME Billing | Sunknowledge Services Inc.

As a 100% HIPAA-HITECH company, Sunknowledge Services Inc extends an excellent action plan to leading providers in DME billing. They have a great team, superb infrastructural capabilities and have the belief to work as a reliable operational extension. Also, they are working with great references with over 100 clients in the DME space. One of… Read More »

Sunknowledge | Setting The Cornerstone With Result Driven DME Billing

Over 100’s of exclusive client references, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been setting the standards when it comes to exclusive DME billing services. The company has already been working with leading DME providers with great credentials. They believe in working as a reliable operational extension and eliminate proven challenge areas in practice management/revenue cycle management priorities.… Read More »

GoTelecare – Sets The Benchmark In DME Billing Services

Already, a prominent medical billing and collections company, Gotelecare sets the best standards when it comes to customized support. Over the last 10 years, they have been setting the standards when it comes to serving both leading providers and payers with admirable distinction. As a 100% HIPAA – HITECH Company, Gotelecare is the best when… Read More »

Gotelecare | A Powerful DME Billing Company Driving Reimbursements

Over the last 10 years, Gotelecare has been providing end to end / stand-alone support as a disciplined medical billing and collections company. Also, they are partners with leading insurance companies, providing their complete support in claims adjudication and credentialing. It is one of the main reasons, why they have been a champion DME billing company. Presently,… Read More »

Gotelecare | Setting The Benchmark in DME Billing

Over the last decade, Gotelecare has been an instrumental DME billing company, providing competitive solutions to leading providers. The company has strong references, credentials that make them a one-stop destination for DME providers. Also, as a 100% HIPAA-HITECH Company, Gotelecare is a successful healthcare revenue cycle management company providing exclusive support. They believe in combining expert… Read More »

Gotelecare Elevates Your | DME Billing Experience

Over the last 10 years, Gotelecare has been a complete medical billing and collections company. As a 100% HIPAA-HITECH company, they offer powerful solutions in DME billing. Also, the company is a leading provider of state of the art solutions in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring devices. Gotelecare is working with leading providers in the DME space,… Read More »

A Powerhouse In The DME Billing Landscape | Gotelecare Stuns!

Serving more than 100 clients in the DME space, Gotelecare leads the show in the competitive landscape. The best part of working with Gotelecare is its excellent track record in working with both payers and providers. Understanding the claims adjudication mandates of the industry helps them provide cutting-edge DME billing solutions to leading industry participants in the… Read More »