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Lubricants Market Report 2018 – Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell Plc., Petrochina Company Limited, BP Plc

Lubricants are essential for proper machinery functioning as they decrease wear & tear between different moving parts. They also support in dropping operation downtimes while helping to increase productivity. The integration of many additives reduces temperature and corrosion resistant which finally extend machinery & equipment lifespan. High acceptance of bio-based lubricants to decrease harmful environmental… Read More »

Lubricants Market Size, Share, Trends, Gross Margin and Forecasts To 2014-2025

Global Lubricants Market size is expected to reach USD 166.25 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 3.8%. Lubricants imply substances used to reduce or control friction as well as wearing of surfaces coming in contact with dissimilar bodies in relative motion. They can be classified into solid, liquid, gaseous, and semi-liquid, based on state.… Read More »