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Global Location-Based Services Market to Witness Significant Revenue Growth Through 2018 – 2028

Location-based services help determine the geographical location of a device via a software installed on the said device. Location-based services are critical to several businesses as well as government organisations to drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where certain activities take place. Rapid development in digital infrastructure is one of the… Read More »

Demand for IT Services Outsourcing Market to Witness Rapid Surge During the Period 2018 – 2028

The ability of IT services outsourcing to reduce the operational cost and to optimize return on investment is expected to drive the growth of IT services outsourcing market. The rapid technological advancement and the trend of digitization is increasing at a faster pace than ever which is fuelling the growth of IT services outsourcing market.… Read More »

Wearable Computing Devices Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Wearable computing devices are computer-based devices which are worn by a user. It includes clothes, glasses, watches and shoes. These wearable computing devices are used to take and view pictures and video. They are also capable to read text messages and emails and responds to voice commands. These devices also play a pivotal role in… Read More »

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

An integrated facility management system is an information technology (IT) based fiscal and financial management system which is use by many private firms, public firms and government entities to commence, spend and supervise their financial statement. It also commences and handles their expenditure, and supervises and reports their financial activities. The various services under this… Read More »

Smoke Detector Market: Global Industry analysis and Forecast to 2020

Smoke detector is a device that can senses smoke, providing an indication of possible fire, thus providing security to the commercial and residential people. In case of commercial and residential security, smoke detector issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel, whereas household smoke detector popularly known as smoke alarm, provide audible or visual… Read More »

3D Bioprinting Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

3D bioprinting is a process of creating spatially-controlled cell patterns in 3D, where viability and cell function are conserved within printed construct. The 3D bioprinting industry that is currently at the embryonic stage of generating replacement human tissue has been forecast to be worth billion dollars by 2019. 3D bioprinting at present largely involves the… Read More »

Transportable Radar Control System (TRCS) Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Radar control systems are used to provide air traffic control services. With the evolution of technology, the requirement of transportable radar control system was generated. Transportable radar control systems are designed to deliver a safe and effective airspace processes wherever air traffic management is not accessible. The transportable radar control system is very compact in… Read More »