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Analyzing Arguments Quiz – Reasoning Questions and Answers  | Logical Reasoning | Analyzing Arguments

Analyzing Arguments Quiz – Reasoning Questions and Answers  | Logical Reasoning | Analyzing Arguments - Logical Reasoning questions and answers for interviews, entrance exams, and competitive examinations with explanations. Download a PDF of the online symbol series logical thinking quiz. Logical Issues This website contains Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers for test preparation. One of the most essential elements of any competitive examination, campus, or admission online test is logical reasoning. By attempting the online Logical Reasoning Deduction, students may assess their logical reasoning abilities. Take the Analyzing Arguments Logical Reasoning Online Test and find out what your score is.

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Do you have any ideas on how to solve Analyzing Arguments or answer logical reasoning questions? By completing the online activities provided below, candidates may effortlessly solve all types of Logical Reasoning questions based on Analyzing Arguments. Candidates can also use the online test to learn quick techniques for solving Analyzing Arguments Logical Reasoning Questions. Students should understand all of the strategies in this article in order to answer questions about Analyzing Arguments. Individuals can practice the Analyzing Arguments Logical Reasoning Online Test before attending any examination or interview.
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Logical Issues The Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers on our website provide detailed information on how the logical reasoning test is administered. The details of the Analyzing Arguments Logical Reasoning Quiz are shown in the table above. Furthermore, we will often update the questions linked to the Analyzing Arguments on this current page. Candidates can refer to this article on a daily basis to learn about all of the questions pertaining to the topic of Analyzing Arguments. Take the online Analyzing Arguments Logical Reasoning Test to learn about the many types of Deduction.

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1. According to one New York publisher, 50,000 to 60,000 people in the United States seek an anthology of William Shakespeare's complete works. What accounts for this resurgence of Shakespeare's popularity? His psychological insights into both male and female characteristics are still astonishing today, according to experts. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Today's fictional characters are less engaging than Shakespeare's characters.
b. Shakespeare's work continues to pique people's interest because of the characters.
c. An anthology of Shakespeare's works is being compiled by academics.
d. New Yorkers are rekindling their enthusiasm in Shakespeare's work.

2. Consumers are in the mood to spend after one of the hottest winters on record. Spending is expected to be at its highest level in thirteen years. Existing single-family home sales reached a new high of 4.75 million in February, setting an annual record. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. In thirteen years, consumer spending will be more than it is now.
b. In February, more Americans purchase homes than in any other month.
c. Single-family home prices are at their lowest during the winter months.
d. warm winter weather is likely to affect the rate of home sales.

3. People born between 1965 and 1981 are known as Generation Xers. Generation Xers are more challenged as employees when they can do things on their own. As a result, Generation Xers are the most entrepreneurial generation ever. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that Generation Xers
a. Work more diligently than previous generations.
b. having a proclivity for working independently'
c. having a desire to make history.
d. They are more likely to work in jobs that demand them to take risks.

4. There's no need to commute to a health club if you're a fitness walker. Your community can serve as a fitness centre. You also don't need much in the way of sophisticated equipment to get a solid exercise. All you need are some well-made athletic shoes. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Walking for fitness is a better kind of exercise than lifting weights.
b. A fitness club membership is a bad investment.
c. Walking outside delivers a more effective workout than walking inside.
d. Walking for fitness is a practical and beneficial kind of exercise.

5. Consumers would rarely stroll into an ice cream shop and order low-fat ice cream in the past. Today, however, this is not the case. Low-fat ice cream has become a very profitable item for ice cream store owners due to rising health consciousness and a lot larger assortment of delectable low-fat items in all categories. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Low-fat ice cream generates more revenue than low-fat items in general.
b. It would be preferable if ice cream shops just sold low-fat ice cream.
c. Low-fat ice cream is no longer considered a niche product by ice cream shop operators.
d. Other types of ice cream are less popular than low-fat ice cream.

6. Today's high school students spend far too much time on frivolous and distracting topics like fashion. Furthermore, they frequently wear unsuitable clothing on school premises. Rather than establishing another lengthy dress code, we should require students to wear school uniforms. Uniforms would enhance a sense of community and harmony in our schools and instil a sense of discipline in our children if they were obliged to wear them. Another benefit would be that instructors and administrators would no longer be required to act as dress police, allowing them to concentrate on other essential concerns. This paragraph perfectly exemplifies the claim that
a. Failing grades are caused by incorrect clothes.
b. Students who wear school uniforms are more likely to be accepted into better colleges.
c. At least 25% of the time, instructors and administrators are enforcing the clothing code.
d. High school pupils should be required to wear school uniforms.

7. The criminal justice system should be overhauled. If victims were given the opportunity to confront the individual who had wronged them, the system would be more just. Mediation between victims and their perpetrators would also provide perpetrators the opportunity to apologise for the pain they have caused. This paragraph perfectly exemplifies the concept that crime victims should
a. learn to forgive those who have wronged them.
b. have the right to confront those who have wronged them.
c. Learn how to mediate conflicts.
d. They are adamant on the punishment of their criminals.

8. A few states in the United States are exploring laws prohibiting the use of calculators in classrooms before the sixth grade. Other states have taken a different stance. Some states mandate the purchase of graphing calculators for all middle school students. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that in this country
a. When it comes to the usage of calculators in classrooms, there are at least two points of view.
b. Calculators are frequently a hindrance to math learning.
c. More than ever before, state legislators are involved in education.
d. The idea that calculators should not be used in schools is erroneous.

9. A new set of societal values has emerged in today's workforce. A manager granted a promotion in a distant place ten years ago would not have questioned the move. In the same situation today, a manager might choose family happiness over job advancement. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. The majority of executives are disloyal to the companies for which they work.
b. Today's firms are oblivious to the requirements of their employees.
c. Over the last ten years, employee social values have shifted.
d. For today's business executives, advancement is unimportant.

10. It is common knowledge that the world urgently requires appropriate food distribution to ensure that everyone has enough to eat. It's just as important to have an adequate supply of drugs. Medical expertise and materials must be spread around the world so that individuals in developing countries can receive adequate medical treatment. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. The vast majority of people on the planet have never seen a doctor.
b. Food production in developing countries has slowed in recent years.
c. The medical supply industry should increase product output.
d. Many people in developing countries do not have access to adequate medical care.

11. Yoga has grown in popularity, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Before you join up for a yoga class, think about what you want to get out of your exercise practise. A yoga session might not be the ideal option if you're seeking for a high-intensity, fast-paced cardio workout. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Yoga is more widely practised than high-intensity aerobics.
b. You should consider your requirements and desires before starting a new workout routine.
c. Yoga is revolutionising the fitness industry in significant ways
d. Yoga is beneficial to both the body and the psyche

12. About two and a half million years ago, human technology evolved from the first stone tools. The rate of development was slow in the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of years have gone with little to show for it. Today, new technology are featured on television and in newspapers on a daily basis. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Stone tools were not technically advanced.
b. Stone tools have been used for about two million years
c. It's impossible to say when stone tools were first used.
d. New technologies are continually being produced in today's world

13. We can increase our consciousness by using mathematics. Economic trends, disease patterns, and population increase are all revealed by mathematics. Math can reveal the truth, but it can also perpetuate misunderstandings and lies. Figures have the ability to deceive people. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. .Mathematics is a risky subject to study.
b. Figures are less accurate than words.
c. Mathematical studies are more significant than other subjects.
d. People are sometimes deceived by figures.

14. Miranda v. Arizona, a 1966 Supreme Court case, declared that a person exposed to an interrogation must be given a Miranda warning before the police can obtain statements from them. This means that a person must be informed that he or she has the right to remain silent during an interview by the police. If this privilege is violated, any statement made by the person will not be accepted in court. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. .Police officers who fail to inform people of their Miranda rights are breaking the law.
b. Before a police interrogation may begin, a Miranda warning must be delivered.
c. Miranda, a Supreme Court judgement from 1966, should be overturned .
d. Police officers are no longer allowed to question people suspected of committing crimes unless a lawyer is present.

15. Juries were encouraged to question the parties in the courtroom during colonial periods in America. In fact, the jurors were supposed to conduct their own investigation into the case's facts. We would dismiss the case today if jurors performed an investigation. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Today's juries are less important than they were in the colonial era.
b. Jurors are less engaged in court matters today than they were in the colonial era.
c. Today's courtrooms are more efficient than those of the colonial era.
d. Since colonial times, the jury system in America has evolved.

16. When it comes to pollution, there are no effective barriers. Toxic insecticides that have been prohibited in many countries are being transported by the wind to nations where they are still allowed, according to studies. DDT and toxaphene have been discovered in far-flung locations such as the Yukon and other Arctic regions. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for
a. DDT and other harmful insecticides have not been banned worldwide.
b. Polar climates receive more pollution than warmer climates.
c. DDT and toxaphene are the world's two most hazardous pesticides.
d. Even a global ban on harmful insecticides would not be enough to stop DDT pollution from spreading.

17. The Constitution's Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. Without a documented search warrant based on probable cause, no search of a person's residence or personal possessions can be done. This means that before a search may be carried out, a neutral court must accept the factual basis for it. This paragraph best supports the assertion that police officers cannot examine a person's house or personal files unless they have
a. legal permission proof of a crime
c. Read the individual's constitutional rights to him or her.
d. a reasonable suspicion that a crime has taken place.

18. Obesity is a major issue in the United States. Obesity has been linked to a variety of health issues, including diabetes, asthma, and heart disease, according to research. Obesity and some types of cancer may have a link, according to new research. Major public health programmes that raise awareness and recommend modest lifestyle adjustments that, with dedication and desire, will eliminate or at least reduce the incidence of obesity are an important first step in combating this serious problem. This paragraph perfectly exemplifies the claim that
a. Obesity can be effectively combated by public health programmes that promote awareness and suggest lifestyle adjustments.
b. In our country, obesity is the primary cause of diabetes.
c. In our country, people watch too much television and do not get enough exercise.
d. Obesity is exacerbated by fast food outlets and bad school lunches.

19. It takes a lot of effort to read critically. To read critically, you must slow down your reading and execute precise operations on the text with a pencil in hand. Make notes in the text about your thoughts, conclusions, and questions. When you're reading, take an active role in the conversation. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Critical reading is a time-consuming, tedious, but necessary procedure.
b. The best critical reading occurs at pivotal moments in one's life.
c. Readers should develop the habit of questioning what they are reading.
d. Critical reading necessitates serious consideration.

20. Several aisles of items meant to shield adults and children from the sun may be found in any supermarket or drugstore. In addition, a slew of public health programmes, like National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, have been launched to warn us about the sun's harmful UV rays and provide advice on how to protect ourselves. Despite repeated warnings about the hazards of the sun, a new poll indicated that only about half of all adults adequately protect themselves from it. This paragraph perfectly exemplifies the claim that
a. Adults are less protected from the sun's harmful rays than children
b. The need for sun protection is at an all-time high.
c. Adults are not paying attention to the warnings regarding the dangers of sun exposure.
d. There isn't enough information out there concerning the consequences of overexposure to the sun.

21. For far too long, school cafeterias have imitated fast-food establishments, selling foods like burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken in an attempt to produce meals that would appeal to young people. School districts around the country are responding to this trend by implementing some easy, low-cost choices that will make cafeteria lunches healthier while still appealing to students. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Nutritional criteria have traditionally taken precedence in school cafeterias over all other issues.
b. A school cafeteria is preferred by young people over a neighbourhood fast-food
c. Due to big new initiatives on the part of school districts, school lunch menus are becoming healthier.
d. It is possible to make school lunches healthier and more appealing without spending a lot of money or making drastic changes.

22. Forest fires jump from the tops of young trees into the branches of mature trees, feeding on decades-old accumulations of trash. Fires that move from one treetop to the next can be disastrous. The shelter of large trees prevents thickets of tiny trees from emerging in old-growth woods, while the lower branches of mature trees are too high to catch the flames. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. In old-growth woods, forest fire damage is lessened.
b. To prevent forest fires, tiny trees should be cut down.
c. To prevent forest fires, mature trees should be thinned out
d. In old-growth woods, forest fires cause the most damage.

23. Practicing physicians have increased by around 20% in the last six years. The number of healthcare executives has increased by more than 600 percent over the same time period. Many doctors have lost the right to set their own schedules, set their own rates, and decide on suggested treatments as a result of these percentages. The statement that doctors supports
a. resent the intervention of healthcare executives
b. There isn't enough training anymore.
c. They genuinely care about their patients.
d. are less self-sufficient than they once were.

24. Most people can do a variety of motor skills activities by the time they reach adulthood. Riding a bicycle, threading a needle, and cooking a meal are all examples of motor skills. All of these activities have one thing in common: they rely on muscle movement precision and timing. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. The majority of adults haven't honed their motor abilities.
b. Adults are all capable of riding a bicycle.
c. Adults are the only ones with developed motor skills.
d. Threading a needle requires a high level of precision.

25. The two most typical motivators in reality television are fame and money. Waitresses, hairdressers, investment bankers, counsellors, and teachers, to name a few, are transformed from unknowns to household names on the shows. Only a select handful are able to turn their fifteen minutes of fame into celebrity. Reality TV's luckiest stars also make a lot of money for doing things like eating giant insects, marrying someone they barely know, and exposing their innermost thoughts to millions of people. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Reality television performers aspire to be wealthy and famous.
b. Reality television is the best thing to hit network television in a long time.
c. Reality television programming is rapidly replacing classic dramas and sitcoms.
d. Reality shows are the latest in a long line of sensationalistic, low-quality television.

26. The picture of a knitter as an older woman sitting in a cosy, vintage living room with a basket of yarn at her feet and a bun in her hair is a thing of the past. As knitting becomes more popular and fashionable, describing the average knitter becomes increasingly challenging. Knitters today could be as young as 18, as old as 40, or as old as 65. They may live in a large city and take lessons in a knitting store that also serves as a café, or they may congregate in suburban coffee shops to support one another in knitting and other pursuits. It could be two older adults knitting in a church hall or two college roommates knitting in their dorm rooms. Men are joining in the fun as well.To replace the image of the old woman with the basket of yarn, it would be extremely difficult to create an authentic profile of a current knitter!This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Knitting is resurfacing as a way for people to reconnect with simpler times.
b. Knitting is becoming more of a social activity than a personal pastime.
c. The ability to create an accurate profile of a specific type of person is contingent on the members of this group sharing common qualities and characteristics.
d. Knitters today are far less skilled than knitters in the past.

27. The Mariner 9 mission captured close-up photographs of Mars that revealed a network of valleys that resembled stream beds on Earth. These photos also suggested that Mars formerly had a thick enough atmosphere to trap the sun's heat. If this is correct, something happened on Mars billions of years ago that caused the planet's atmosphere to be stripped away. This paragraph provides the strongest evidence for the claim that
a. Mars today has a thin atmosphere, if any at all.
b. Mars used to have a thicker atmosphere than the Earth.
c. The first photographs of Mars were taken by the Mariner 9 spacecraft.
d. Mars is nearer to the sun than the Earth.

28. The Pyramid plan is one of the oldest con games, dating back to the 1920s. Honest people are frequently drawn in, believing the programme to be a legitimate financial opportunity. The first person to "fall for" the Pyramid scam will make a lot of money and will urge their friends and family to join as well. The chain continues with the con artist who started the scam pocketing the money rather than investing it. The pyramid eventually collapses, but by that time, the con artist will have moved out of town and left no forwarding address. This paragraph perfectly exemplifies the claim that
a. A Pyramid scheme in the making is quite easy to recognise.
b. A Pyramid scheme's initial customer is the most trusting.
c. Pyramid scheme creators have the ability to deceive honest individuals.
d. The Pyramid Scheme peaked in the 1920s, but it's making a resurgence again.

29. Read the following passage carefully and respond to the following questions: Some groups want to make flag burning illegal. They argue that citizens of the United States should respect the flag because individuals have fought and died for it. However, I believe that respect cannot be legislated. Furthermore, the majority of individuals who have served in the military did not fight for the flag, but for what the flag represents. Freedom of speech is one of the things the flag represents, and I believe it includes the right of a citizen to protest the government by burning the flag. Which of the following arguments is similar to the speaker's?
a. The wealthy should not be able to "buy" legislators, hence campaign finance reform should be enacted by Congress.
b. Because freedom of religion also includes the right not to engage in religion, mandatory school prayer is a violation of that right.
c. Because the Constitution guarantees the right to possess property, taxes should be prohibited.
d. Convicted offenders' convictions should not be overturned on a technicality.

30. Which of the following statements, if true, would undermine the speaker's case?
a. A person's actions are not deemed to be part of their right to free speech.
b. People who burn the flag are more likely to commit other crimes.
c. The government did not recognise the flag until 1812.
d. State flags are nearly seldom destroyed in the United States

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