Antonym Verbal Questions and Answers | Antonym Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test

Verbal Questions and Answers | Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test

Antonym Verbal Questions and Answers | Antonym Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test-  This is an Online Verbal Reasoning question and answers section with an explanation for various interviews, competitive examinations, and admission tests. Answers to the most recent Verbal Reasoning questions and multiple-choice questions are frequently asked. Candidates can effortlessly take numerous competitive exams such as SAIL, RAIL, GAIL, BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, BEL, IOCL, SBI, CAT, etc. by practicing the Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Question and Answers. So, let's have a look at the Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude MCQs to see how well you do. This is a new Verbal MCQ Online Test that will help you prepare for your forthcoming bank exam. This Verbal Reasoning MCQ quiz contains essential questions which match the exam pattern of the banking exam like IBPS, so make sure that and attempt the Online Verbal Reasoning MCQ Aptitude Test as much as required to check your preparation level.

Antonym Quiz Details

Quiz NameAntonym
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Incredibly large
a. Gentle
b. Median
c. Small
d. Low

2. COMMISSIONED is a term that refers to a person who has been given
a. Began
b. Closed
c. Completed
d. Discharged

3. Illusionary
a. Red
b. Organic
c. Honest
d. Reliable

a. Flow
b. Residence
c. Come back
d. Revival

a. Resign
b. Repudiate
c. Acquire
d. Reject

a. Transform
b. Compress
c. Clog up
d. Reach the conclusion

7. Corporeal
a. Heavenly
b. Ageless
c. Pious
d. Eternal

a. Participate
b. Comatose
c. Soft
d. Unbothered

a. Going to order
b. Going to follow
c.Going to refuse
d. Rebutting

10. Falsifying
a. Forthright
b. Guide
c. Honest and open
d. Sincere

a. Angelic
b. Vacuous
c. Obtuse
d. Puerile

12. Trivialize
a. Critique
b. Tease
c. Sensationalize
d. Absolutely love

a. Entertained
b. Eased
c. Unending
d. Amazed

14. BUSY
b. Enthralled
c. Eased
d. Involved

15. brand-new
a. Defective
b. Take it slowly
c. Disgraceful
d. Rotten

16. Blameworthy
a. Intellectually defensible
b. Free of blame
c. Give a crap
d. Reckless

17. Untruthful
a. Liberate
b. Truthful
c. Progressive
d. Totally honest

18. Sociable
a. Asocial
b. Magnificent
c. Horrific
d. Comparable

19. BE Consciousness
a. Unsure
b. Obtuse
c. Please confirm
d. Seriously doubt

20. Hairy
a. Reptilian creature
b. Shaved
c. Eloquent
d. Silence

21. Dwindle
a. Agreement
b. Completely ruin
c. Broaden
d. Extend

22. Familiar Variety
a. Unusual
b. Tiny
c. Insensitive
d. Impoverished

23. Relax
a. Uncomfort
b. Miscomfort
c. Miscomfort
d. None Of These

24. Friend
a. Pretty funny
c. Valueless
d. Inexpensive

25. Pompous
a. Modest
b. Gutless
c. Egomaniac
d. Courteous

26. Final win
a. Beaten
b. Incorporated
c. Destructed
d. Finally defeated

27. Elegant
a. Bumpy
b. Specialist
c. Bumpy Specialist
d. Cringeworthy

28. Defining moment
a. Western civilisation
b. Highpoint
c. Freedom
d. Advancement

29. Lavishness
a. Classy
b. Deprivations
c. Cost effective
d. Tackiness

30. Pertains
a. Irrational
b. Ambiguous
c. Going to insist
d. Meaningless

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