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LG Technical, HR Interview Questions 2022-2023

LG Interview Questions 2024 | LG Technical Questions 2024 | LG 2024 Questions Freshers: This page will assist applicants who have passed their Written Exam and are preparing for the Interview Process. We've included all of the LG Interview Questions on one page for both the technical and HR rounds. In addition, we provide extensive answers to interview questions for both freshmen and experienced candidates. These interview questions will aid candidates in giving their best performance during the interview. Many applicants pass the written exam but fail to pass the company's interview rounds. To address this issue, we've compiled a list of LG Electronics Interview Questions And Answers organized by subject.
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LG Technical, HR Interview Questions 2024

Company NameLG
Designation NameTrainee Engineer, Systems Engineer, Operations Executive, Analyst
CategoryInterview Questions Answers
Selection RoundsGroup Discussion, Online Test, Technical Test, and HR Interview
Official Websitewww.lg.com

Candidates who are applying for the LG Recruitment 2024 can also use this page to review the LG Interview Questions. Before attending the LG Electronics Job Recruitment, candidates can review the LG Syllabus and Test Pattern, as well as LG Placement Papers, on our website. 

Candidates who are interested in getting a job can do so easily by studying the LG Electronic Aptitude Questions and LG Testing Interview Questions that we have posted on this website. We recommend that candidates read this entire post in order to learn about the questions that LG Electronics executives will ask throughout the interview process.

LG Interview Questions For Freshers 2024 

Freshers interested in applying for the LG Off-Campus 2024 should review the LG Interview Questions for both the technical and HR rounds.

LG Technical Interview Questions

C Interview Questions For Freshers:
  • What is embedded C?
  • Explain is the difference between Call by Value and Call by Reference?
  • What is a sequential access file?
  • What are the different types of control structures in programming?
  • What are the key features of C language or what are the characteristics of C language?
  • Explain Bottom-up parsing and what is top-down parsing?
  • What is a symbol table?
  • Which level is C language belonging to?
  • Explain about a void pointer?
  • What is printf()?
  • What is scanf()?
  • What is an operator and how does it function in a program?
  • Explain the difference between malloc() and calloc()?
  • What are logical errors and how does it differ from syntax errors?
  • What is the difference between pre-increment operator and post-increment operator?
  • What does the format %10.2 mean when included in a printf statement?
  • Describe the difference between assembler, compiler, and interpreter?
  • What is the advantage of an array over individual variables?
  • Explain about constant in C?

Core Java Interview Questions For Freshers:
  • What is the difference between static (class) method and instance method?
  • Can we overload main() method?
  • What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?
  • What is JIT compiler?
  • How many types of memory areas are allocated by JVM?
  • What is the main difference between Java platform and other platforms?
  • Why we cannot override static method?
  • What is static block?
  • Explain about Checked and UnChecked Exception?
  • What if I do not provide the String array as the argument to the method?
  • What is the difference between break, continue and return statements?
  • Can you declare the main method as final?
  • What is the difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
  • What is the first argument of the String array in main() method?

LG HR Interview Questions For Freshers

Candidates that pass the technical stage will be invited to participate in the HR interview. These queries might be directed to a concept by those who aspire to be in this position.
  • Tell Me a Little About Yourself?
  • Tell me about a situation when you had to multitask.
  • Why do you want to choose Google?
  • Describe a time when you had to tell a client that you couldn’t meet a deadline
  • What was the best part you did on the roleplay?
  • What do you do in your spare time/when not working?
  • Given a list of integers that fall within a known short but unknown range of values, how to find the median value?
  • Out of 10 coins, one weighs less than the others. You have a scale.
  • How can you determine which one weighs less in 3 weigh?
  • Now how would you do it if you didn’t know if the odd coin weighs less or more?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.

LG Interview Questions 2024 

.Net Developer Interview Questions For Experienced:
  • What is the difference between a delegate and an event?
  • Write a program to show the function to a pointer?
  • How JSP different from ASP?
  • What are the different types of caching available?
  • What is the assembly file structure of ASP.NET?
  • State the differences between the Dispose() and Finalize().
  • What is code access security (CAS)?
  • What is garbage collection? Explain the difference between garbage collections in .NET 4.0 and earlier versions.
  • How do CAS works?
  • Differentiate between managed and unmanaged code?
  • How can you turn-on and turn-off CAS?
  • Mention the execution process for managed code.
  • What is Common Language Specification (CLS)?
  • What is the role of the JIT compiler in .NET Framework?
  • What is a difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?
  • Is there a way to suppress the finalize process inside the garbage collector forcibly in .NET?
  • How can you instantiate a tuple?
  • Which is the root namespace for fundamental types in .NET Framework?
IT Manager Interview Questions For Experienced:
  • Have you implemented significant improvements to an IT infrastructure?
  • How do you ensure confidential data is stored in a secure place?
  • Which are the most effective methods to improve network security?
  • What’s a disaster recovery plan?
  • Can you mention the pros and cons of cloud applications?
  • Describe a situation where you had to explain technical details to a non-technical
  • audience. How did you adjust your presentation?
  • Have you faced conflicts between your team members? What did you do?
  • What’s the most challenging project you’ve managed so far? What was your role and
  • How did you manage to deliver on time?
  • How do you keep up-to-date with technology trends?
  • How do you gather system and user requirements?
  • What are your priorities when making budget decisions?
  • How do you negotiate for new hardware or software?
  • Describe the troubleshooting process you’d follow for a crashing program.
LG HR Interview Questions For Experienced Candidates
  • How did you manage to attend this interview during your working hours?
  • Did you face any problems in your last role?
  • Was your work ever criticized? What did you do?
  • What is the motivating factor for you at work?
  • Why do you want to leave your present job?
  • What will you do if you are offered a job with a salary higher than this?
  • Did you face any problems in your last role?
  • You seem to have switched many jobs-why?
  • How was your performance measured?
  • How would you describe your work style?

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