Oracle Interview Questions 2022 (Technical, HR) | Oracle Technical HR Question For 2023, 2022, 2021 Freshers

Oracle Interview Questions For Freshers 2022 (Technical, HR)

Oracle Interview Questions: Are you getting ready for Oracle's technical and HR rounds? If so, this post will provide hopefuls with the most recent and prior year Oracle Interview Questions. When compared to written or screening rounds, cracking the Technical and HR rounds is the most difficult. Because many of them are unable to do effectively in those rounds, the majority of people are unable to obtain employment with the firm. Candidates can enhance their confidence and ultimately perform well if they practice the interview questions provided on this website. We also advise candidates not to rely entirely on them, but rather to utilize these Questions as a starting point. To get more about Oracle Company Interview Questions For Freshers, keep scrolling down (Technical and HR).
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Selection Process For Oracle (Freshers)

Many candidates claim that the Oracle hiring procedure is easier than that of all other multinational corporations. Every year, the firm runs a hiring process to find qualified people. The Oracle has three rounds in its choosing procedure. Following is a list of these rounds:

  • Online Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
Candidates must answer questions from the Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Ability sections of the written exam. Those who scored well in the written exam will be required to participate in the Technical Round. The company will examine the candidate's fundamental programming knowledge during the technical round. Candidates who have been shortlisted must pass the final step of the selection process, which is an HR interview. We recommend that all applicants use the Oracle Interview Questions found on this page to help them prepare better.

Oracle Company Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

We've compiled a list of Oracle Technical Interview Questions for Newbies. The company will typically ask questions about Java, SQL, DBMS, and SAP programming languages. During the Technical Round, we addressed a number of frequently requested questions.

Core Java Interview Questions

What is the difference between C++ & Java?
What are statements in JAVA?
What is the JAR file?
What is the difference between an Abstract class and an Interface?
What are checked and unchecked exceptions?
What is a user-defined exception?
What is JNI?
What is serialization?
Why Java does not have multiple inheritances?
Why Java is not 100% oops?
What is a resource bundle?
What is a singleton class? where is it used?
What is a compilation unit?
Is string a wrapper class?
Is Iterator a Class or Interface? What is its use?
What is the similarities/difference between an Abstract class and an Interface
What is a transient variable?
What is Collection API?

Oracle SQL Interview Questions

State the difference between Security and Integrity?
Define Normalisation?
Define Primary Key?
Define Unique Key?
Define SQL?
Define Dbms?
What is the purpose of Database systems?
What are the different types of subquery?
What are the different types of replication?
What are User Defined Functions?
Compare and contrast TRUNCATE and DELETE for a table?
What are cursors?
Define Foreign Key?
Define SubQuery?
Define Self Join?
Define Joins?
What are three SQL keywords used to change or set someone’s permissions?
What are the types of joins?
Define Equi-Joins?
Define Cartesian Join?

Oracle DBMS Interview Questions

What is the database?
What is the disadvantage in File Processing System?
Define the “integrity rules”?
What is DBMS?
What is Data Model?
What is an Entity?
What is Relationship set?
What is VDL (View Definition Language)?
What are the advantages of DBMS?
What is a Database system?
What is System R? What are its two major subsystems?
What is Data Independence?

Oracle SAP Interview Questions

What is meant by “Business Content” in SAP?
What are SAP IDES?
What is SAP?
What is ERP?
What are other ERP systems available in the market?
Which interface controls what is shown on the p.c.?
What is an SAP dispatcher?
What is the work process?
What are Data Sets in SAP?
What is ODS?
What are Business KPIs?
What is MultiCube?
What components of the R/e system initiate the start of background jobs at the specified time?
Name various work processes of the R/3 system?
Which work does the process trigger database changes?
Define service (within R/3)?
What are the different layers in an R/3 system?

Oracle Company HR Interview Questions For Freshers

Why should we hire you?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Tell me about yourself
Why do you want to work for Oracle?
What are your weaknesses and strengths?
Tell me about the terrible/memorable experience of your career?
Can you work under pressure
What are your goals
What is your Weakness?
What are your career options right now?
Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Why did you choose iGATE Company?
What is the difference between confidence and overconfidence
How do you feel about working nights and weekends
How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

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