TCS NQT 2023 2024 - TCS NQT Interview Experience | About TCS NQT Exam Interview

TCS NQT 2023 2024 - TCS NQT Interview Experience | About TCS NQT 2023 Exam Interview

TCS NQT 2023 2024 - TCS NQT Interview Experience | About TCS NQT Exam Interview: TCS NQT Interview Experience 2023 are you looking for? This essay, on the other hand, will be ideal for you. By reviewing the most recent TCS NQT Fresher Interview Experience, you can increase your chances of being selected for the TCS NQT 2023. Aspirants can find TCS NQT Technical Interview Experience and TCS NQT HR Interview Experience in the sections below, which will help them understand what types of questions are asked in the TCS NQT Interview and if the candidate's TCS NQT Interview Experience was positive or negative. 

Following the TCS NQT Interview Experience 2023 provided below, you will have a quick understanding of the difficulty level of each round in the TCS NQT Hiring Process, as well as how well you can formulate and articulate your answer. Therefore, review these TCS NQT Interview Experiences to lessen your anxiety and improve your knowledge in order to achieve positive results during the TCS NQT Interview.
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TCS NQT Interview Experience Complete Overview

Company NameTCS
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
CategoryInterview Experience

TCS NQT Interview Experience

We've compiled a list of the most recent TCS NQT Interview Experiences for Freshers from applicants who applied for TCS NQT and attended the TCS NQT Interview in the sections below. These interview experiences will assist you in raising your confidence and understanding the difficulty level of the TCS NQT Interview Process. As a result, review these TCS NQT Interview Experiences to mentally prepare for the TCS NQT Hiring Process and appear with confidence.

TCS NextStep RegistrationTCS Digital Recruitment TCS NQT Syllabus
TCS NQT RegistrationTCS iBegin RegistrationTCS Ignite Registration
TCS BPS RecruitmentTCS HumAin ContestTCS Digital Syllabus
TCS Ninja Recruitment TCS CBO SyllabusTCS Codevita Contest
TCS NQT Hall TicketTCS Ninja SyllabusTCS iON InteliGem Contest
TCS Branches IndiaOnline Aptitude TestTCS Internship

About TCS NQT Interview Experience

Status – Selected

The first thing the aspirants who have applied for the TCS NQT will undergo is TCS NQT Online Test. In this TCS NQT Exam, candidates will be facing questions about Verbal Ability (24 Questions), Reasoning Ability (30 Questions), Numerical Ability (26 Questions), Programming Logic (10 Questions), and Coding (2 Questions). And overall time limit to complete the TCS NQT Online Test is 180 Mins. Only after completing and getting the required marks in the TCS NQT Exam as prescribed by the TCS Hiring Team, candidates will be shortlisted for further TCS NQT Recruitment Process.

  • TCS NQT Online Test Difficulty Level - Easy to Medium
  • Candidates can expect questions from Java Output based, SDLC, Data Structures and Algorithms, and other key subject-related problems in the Programming Logic portion.
  • If you encounter any problems or mistakes while compiling a program, don't worry; simply check for and correct any faults in the code before recompiling.
  • Make sure you finish your exam in a timely manner.

TCS NQT Technical Interview Experience

Aspirants who pass the TCS NQT Online Test will be invited to participate in the TCS NQT Technical Interview Round. Candidates may be asked questions about their core disciplines throughout this stage. For example, take a look at the questions posed in the Technical Interview phase to get a sense of how difficult the questions are.
  • What is the Difference Between DELETE and TRUNCATE
  • Write two algorithms for swapping two numbers: one with a temporary variable and another without
  • Questions about the courses/ certifications you mentioned on the Resume.
  • How much you rate yourself in C Language
  • What is Memory Alignment?
  • What are the three levels of data abstraction with Examples?
  • Explain types of protocols
  • Difference between delete and delete[]?
  • Asks about Self Introduction (Briefly explain about yourself, where you came and your educational background)
  • Explain your final year project (Talk about the core theme of the project, technologies you have used in it, and the role you have played in the team).
  • Questions on OOPS concepts (Be thorough on OOPS concepts)
  • What is a Palindrome?
  • What is HashQuery?
  • What are DDL, DML, and DCL commands in my SQL?
  • What is Recursion? and write a program on it

TCS NQT Interview Experience – Managerial + HR Round

Following the TCS NQT Technical Interview Round, the TCS NQT Managerial and TCS NQT HR Rounds are the next rounds in the TCS NQT Selection Process. Depending on the amount of time available, these two rounds may be completed separately or together. Candidate 1's TCS NQT Managerial and HR Interview Experience is listed below.

  • Situational Issues (Character and Personality of a candidate will be analyzed)
  • To assess a candidate's leadership abilities
  • To determine the candidate's degree of stress (Will the candidate be able to handle pressure or not will be tested)
We've included the TCS NQT Managerial Interview Questions and TCS NQT HR Interview Questions that Candidate 1 faced throughout his interview to provide you a quick overview.

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