Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Quiz NameDigital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers  Set 1
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Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. An interactive interaction with a virtual salesman is the purpose of a business-to-business website.
a. serve
b. to express themselves
c. Save
d. sale

2. ---- is a term used to describe digital marketing.
a. Search engine optimization
b. Advertising on the internet
c. Advertising on the web
d. Each and every one of the preceding options

3. Spending more on search engine marketing (SEM) has a positive impact.
a. Possibility of boosting SEO rankings
b. Has a negative impact on search engine optimization (SEO).
c. Has little bearing on search engine optimization rankings
d. None of these are correct.

4. What are the most significant website features?
a. Access to unrestricted information
b. your business's services
c. Collecting visitor's e-mail addresses
d. page-by-page information

5. By upgrading a website's structure and content, this tries to increase rankings for relevant keywords in search results:
a. SEM
b. SEO (search engine optimization)
c. SST
d. SFA

6. What's the difference between a Custom Variable and a Custom Dimension?
a. Custom Variables and Custom Dimensions are the same.
b. Values of Custom Variables are Custom Dimensions.
c. Client-side management of custom dimensions and server-side management of custom variables
d. Server-side management of Custom Dimensions and client-side management of Custom Variables

7. What is multi-channel attribution, and how would you define it?
a. Credits the first click with converting.
b. Credits the last click for the conversion.
c. For each stage, assigns equal percentages for conversions.
d. Recognizes and rewards deserving touch points throughout the conversion process

8. The most effective strategy to boost your search engine rating is to choose keywords that are relevant to your business.
a. Video
b. A blog, for example.
c. A page must have at least 500 words.
d. a page with a lot of visuals

9. Is it possible to send bulk emails using a DSL connection (Airtel dongle, etc.)?
a. You concur
b. Contrary to popular belief
c. Possibly
d. It Appear To Be Correct

10. This collects, indexes, stores, and retrieves information on the internet using an algorithm or a combination of algorithmic and human input (e.g. web pages, images, information and other types of files). In response to a search query, it provides consumers with information in a comprehensible and meaningful style. It's called:
a. Advertisements on banners
b.Pop-up ads are a type of advertisement that appears on the screen.
c. A search engine is the fourth item on the list.
d. Appendix

11. What is a wonderful technique to increase the "stickiness" of your website, which refers to how long people stay on your site and how likely they are to return?
a. Include quizzes, downloads, video to watch, and audio to listen to on your website to make it more engaging.
b. Need to read a lot of text
c. Make locating contact information difficult.
d. Make each page as dense as possible with graphics, photographs, and text.

12. The term "internet marketing" refers to a type of marketing communication that uses the internet for the purpose of advertising with the goal of increasing website traffic and/or encouraging product trial, purchase, and repeat buy behaviour.
a. Search engine optimization.
b. Email marketing is a type of marketing that uses electronic mail to communicate with customers.
c. Advertising over the Internet
d. Web marketing that is based on social media.

13. What should salespeople think about when using social media to sell (Social Selling)?
a. Don't try to sell using social media.
b. Join LinkedIn and begin like, commenting, and sharing their clients' and prospects' posts.
c. Establish their professional brand and then position themselves as subject matter experts in their sector in order to gain credibility.
d. Find out if their customers are on social media and engage with them on the appropriate platforms.

14. This style of advertisement is known as:
a. marketing via mobile devices
b. Advertising on social media
c. Promotion via the internet
d. E-marketing is a term that refers to the use of the internet to advertise products

15. What are the three most important components of analytics?
a. Collect, analyse, and report information
b. Recognize, Evaluate, and Communicate
c. Context, Data, and Creativity
d. Each and every choice

16. The use of internet technologies to execute or facilitate the marketing process is known as ---
a. Search engine optimization
b. Marketing via search engines
c. E-marketing is a term that refers to the use of the internet to advertise products
d. Marketing with mobile devices

17. Which of the following is not a Google Analytics building block?
a. The elements that make up an audience
b. Building Blocks for Traffic
c. Obtaining the necessary materials
d. Building blocks of behaviour

18. Which of the following does not fall under the category of digital marketing?
a. E-marketing is a type of marketing that involves using the internet to reach out to potential customers.
b. Marketing through social media.
c. Advertisement in the newspaper
d. Marketing on the internet

19. In the world of programmatic buying, what does RTB stand for?
a. Real-time bidding is a type of bidding that takes place in real time.
b. Bidding on Actual Targets.
c. Time Bidding in Reverse.
d. Brokering in real time.

20. The period is characterised by a marketing philosophy that may be defined as "a stronger attention on social and ethical problems in marketing."
a. production
b. revenue generation
c. promotion
d. marketing to the public

21. What does inline analysis serve?
a. You can restrict the analysis to certain lines of data using inline analysis.
b. Inline Analysis is a tool that allows you to take your data analysis to the next level.
c. Inline Analysis allows you to perform analysis on individual data lines.
d. Inline Analysis aids in drawing appropriate inferences from the facts presented.

22. The habit of having a hard time understanding how to use a market offering is referred to as
a. relative benefit
b. intricacy
c. adaptability
d. Compatibility

23. Marketing is a noun that refers to the act of promoting anything.
a. enhancements and new product concepts
b. actions related to advertising and marketing
c. a business theory that emphasises the importance of customer pleasure and value
d. developing sales strategies.

24. Why is Twitter such a popular platform for customers to engage with or criticise businesses?
a. When a company's Twitter account is verified, consumers can be sure they're tweeting about the real thing.
b. Because a Twitter account may be located faster than a phone number, many consumers choose to contact businesses via Twitter.
c. Because they may remain anonymous on Twitter, many consumers utilise it to vent their frustrations with a company.
d. People prefer to contact businesses via Twitter since it allows them to do so from their mobile device.

25. The next stage is to test the newly designed product concept.
a. Create a network of middlemen
b. Create a method for testing
c. Devise a marketing plan
d. Create a logistical system

26. Marketing that shifts from a transaction-based effort to a conversation (i.e. two-way dialogue) and can be defined as a circumstance or system in which marketers and customers (e.g. stakeholders) communicate in real time is referred to as:
a. Search engine optimization.
b. Marketing that is interactive.
c. Marketing to the public.
d. Marketing using the internet.

27. When conducting trend analysis, which of these factors is most important?
a. Are you utilising the appropriate keywords in your campaign?
b. Is your campaign being delivered through the appropriate channel?
c. What strategies will you employ to market your content across your various platforms?
d. Is the right content being promoted at the right time?

28. The term "on-page SEO" relates to the optimization of a website's pages for search engines
a. The total number of search engine sites to which a website has been submitted.
b. Including keywords in a website's programming
c. The number of backlinks that your website receives
d. Assessing the design of each page on a website

29. What is the most effective strategy to make money "while you sleep"?
a. By daydreaming, come up with good marketing concepts
b. Merchandise
c. Having merchandise on your site
d. A night-shift-working spouse

30. Which of the following marketing strategies is most likely to pay off for you?
a. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one option.
b. Taking advantage of social media marketing techniques
c. Making press releases available to the public
d. Promotion of articles

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