Best Java Script Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top Java Script Interview Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Best Java Script Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top Java Script Interview Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Best Java Script Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Top Java Script Interview MCQ Type Questions and Answers

Quiz NameJava Script Interview Questions and Answers Set 2
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. The service(s) that allows for networking via scripted HTTP requests are
a. XMLHttpResponse
b. XMLRequest
c. XMLHttpRequest
d. Every single one of the preceding

2. JavaScript may be used to build which side of the picture map?
a. On the server
b. Client-facing
c. This applies to both the server and the client
d. None of the aforementioned options are available.

3. In a single HTTP redirect, where does the DNS reply go?
a. Web browser
b. Customer
c. The server
d. DNS Server

4. As an instance of _______, the JavaScript exception is accessible to Java code.
a. netscape.javascript.JSObject is an object in netscape
b. JSException in netscape.javascript
c. netscape.plugin.JSException is a type of exception that is thrown by the netscape.plugin.JS
d. None of the aforementioned options are viable options.

5. A RegExp object's properties include:
a. origin
b. ignoreCase
c. lastIndex
d. All of these

6. When the page has finished parsing, which attribute is utilised to specify that the script is run? (only for external scripts)
a. Type B
c. async
d. parse

7. Which method will execute a specified method after waiting for a particular number of milliseconds?
a. setseconds ()
b. Setmil Bacterium ()
c. setTimeout ()
d. setInterval ()

8. Which of the following lists contains data types in multiple formats?
a. Vectors
b. Frames of data
c. Matrices
d. Arrays

9. What is Safari's alternative name for JavaScriptCore?
a. Nitrogen
b. SpiderMoney is a fictional character that appears in the film Spider-Man
c. Carakan
d. V8

10. Which approach adds the point to the cubic bezier curve and connects it?
a. Connect to bezier ()
b. bezierCurveTo ()
c. Connectbezier()
d. bezier ()

11. Which status code denotes the server's inability to locate the requested resource?
a. 200
b. 404
c. 500
d. 566

12. Choose a JavaScript object for the client:
a. Database
b. Cursor
c. Client
d. FileUpLoad

13. What will the write() method return if the Node can't write the data right away and must buffer it internally?
a. 0
b. 1
c. True
d. False

14. What happens if a file of JavaScript code is used by more than one page?
a. It must appear on every page.
b. Re-execution is required.
c. Retrieves data from the cache of the browser
d. The number of downloads

15. Blobs are usually measured in millimetres.
a. Meters
b. Kilometers
c. Bytes
d. Pixels

16. Which of the POSIX signals below causes events to occur?
a. SIGSHORT is an acronym for "Short
c. SIGFLOAT is an acronym that stands for .

17. When the document loads, what is the code to start displaying the time?
a. displayTime = window
b. displayTime = onload
c. displayTime = window.onload
d. start with window.onload;

18. Which of the following classes can be used to convert the new Java arrays to JavaScript programmes?
a. java.Array is an example of a class that may be used in a Java
b. java.lang.* is a class in the Java programming language.
c. java.lang.Array is a class in the Java programming language that represents a collection of objects.
d. java.lang.reflect.Array

19. Which Array object function reverses the order of an array's elements?
a. reverse()
b. make an effort ()
c. cut back on ()
d. rightReduce ()

20. type="text/javascript" script="script" type="script" type, x=4+”4″; \document.write(x); \s Output——?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 42
d. Output of an error

21. To the Script tag, what does Minify return?
a. Input/Output (I/O) from a file
b. Encoded with Gzip
c. Request (HTTP)
d. JavaScript should be reduced to the bare minimum.

22. Which browser was the first to make JavaScript available?
a. IE
b. Chrome (version 3)
c. Firefox (version 3.6)
d. Netscape

23. A wrapped Java array that may be accessed from JavaScript code is called ------
a. Arrays in Java
b. JavaClass
c. Object in Java
d. Package for Java

24. What are some examples of JavaScript optimizers?
a. JSMin
b. Packer is an American author and businessman.
c. Reduce the size
d. JSMin and Packer are both guilty of this.

25. An array's method adds and/or removes elements.
a. Reverse
b. Shift
c. Slice
d. Splicing

26. What would the above code produce?html> body> script type="text/javascript">!— document.print("Hello"); //--> /script> /body> /html>
a. Greetings
b. Due to the comment, nothing will be printed.
c. Error Will Be Thrown
d. None of these

27. Which of the following is added to prefs.js to open the console automatically when a JavaScript error occurs?
a. user pref(" on error", false);
b. user pref(" error ", true);
c. user pref(" error", false);
d. user pref(" on error", true); j

28. Instead of == and!=, what does javascript do?
a. Bitwise checking is used.
b. instead of === and!==, it employs === and!==.
c. It instead uses equals() and not equals().
d. It instead uses equals() and not equals().

29. A volatile variable is one that has a high rate of change.
a. Variable with a high degree of sensitivity to change
b. Variable that is always changing
c. Variable that can't be changed
d. Variable that can be changed.

30. The structure of an if statement is, which of the following?
a. If the conditional statement is true, then run this code.
b. Run this code end if (conditional expression is true)
c. execute this code>-> if (conditional expression is true).
d. Run this code if (conditional expression is true).

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