Top C Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Best C Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

Top C Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Best C Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

Top C Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Best C Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

Quiz NameC Interview Questions and Answers Set 1
Number of Questions30
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. In the programme, which of the following has a broad scope?
a. Formal specifications
b. Macros
c. Variables
d. Variables located locally

2. Which of the following is not an acceptable storage class in C?
a. static
b. union
c. externa
d. automatic

3. In the programme, which of the following has a global scope?
a. Formal constraints
b. macroeconomics
c. Constants
d. Variables found locally

4. In C, which of the following is not an acceptable storage class?
a. unchanging
b. federation
c. extraterrestrial
d. computerised

5. In C, what is the meaning of sizeof()?
a. The operator
b. Usefulness
c. Macroeconomics
d. none of the above

6. Name the loop that runs at least once.
a. As an example
b. If
c. do-while
d. while

7. A file is preferred than an array of structures because
a. the file persists even after the application that produced it is terminated.
b. No memory space will be wasted.
c. There are numerous system utilities available for manipulating files.
d. All of the above

8. When two strings are the same, what value does the strcmp() function return?
a. 0
b. 2
c. 1
d. Mistake

9. The following programme produces the following result:#define f(g,g2) g##g2 void main() int var12=100; printf("percentage d," f(var,12));
a. A hundred
b.Error at runtime
c. 10012
d.Incorrect syntax

10. Prior to use a pointer variable
a. It should be stated.
b. It must be initialised.
c. It must be both declared and initialised.
d. None of these.

11. Utilization of functions
a. Aids in avoiding the need to repeat a series of sentences several times.
b. Increases the program's logical clarity.
c. Assists in avoiding duplicate programming across programmes.
d. All of the above

12. What happens if the user enters the value 99 into the supplied programme?#include void main() int I printf("Enter a number:"); scanf("percent d", I / 99 is provided as input. if I percent 5 == 0) printf("nNumber entered is divisible by 5"); A. Type a number:
a. 99 The number is divisible by five.
b. Type a number: 99
c. a compilation mistake
d. Error at runtime

13. Which of the following operators has the greatest precedence in the C programming language?
a. Relational operators
b. Operators of equality
c. Logical operators
d. Arithmetic operators

14. Array elements are always stored at memory locations.
a. Sequential
b. at random
c. Sequential and Random
d. None of the above

15. C Programming: Determine the output#include stdio.h> void i(int *a,int *b) a=b; *a=2; int x=0,y=1; int main() i(&x,&y); printf("percent dpercent dn",x,y); return 0;
a. 22
b. 21
c. 02
d. 01

16. Which keyword is used in a C programme to prevent variable changes?
a. immutable
b. mutable
c. construct
d. volatile

17. Which of the following is false?
a. Constant variables do not need to be defined when they are declared; they can be defined later.
b. You cannot reassign a value to a constant variable.
c. All global constant variables are set to zero.
d. The const keyword is used to declare constant values.

18.What is the name of the preprocessor feature that provides the compiler with line numbers and file names?
a. Selected inclusion
b. macro substitution
c. Concatenation
d. Line control

19. This application was built with 32-bit DEV-C++ int main() printf("percent d percent d", sizeof(ptr1), sizeof(ptr2)); char *ptr1, *ptr2; 0;
a. 1
b. 2
c. 4
d. Unspecified

20. A pointer that points to a variable's memory location even after the variable has been deleted is referred to as .------
a. far pointer
b. null pointer
c. hanging pointer
d. void pointer

21. If S is an array of 80 characters, the value assigned to S by the statement scanf("percent s",S) with input 12345 would be-----
a. "12345" is an abbreviation for "the number 12345."
b. nothing, because 12345 is an integer
c. S. is an invalid string name.
d. percents cannot be utilised to read in S values.

22. What will be written by the above code if a short is two bytes long?brief testarray[4] [3] = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; printf(" percent d", sizeof(testarray)); A.
a. 6
b. 7
c. 12
d. 24

23. Which operator is used to continue the definition of macro in the next line?
a. ##
b. \
c. $
d. #

24. The smallest number of temporary variables required to swap the contents of two variables is
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 0

25. Which is the correct technique to declare a constant in C?
a. int constant var =10;
b. int const var = 10;
c. const int var = 10;
d. Both D. B. and C.

26. Which of the following function-related assertions is false?
a. The main() method can be called multiple times in a row.
b. Functions are not permitted to return more than one value at a time.
c. A function may contain many return statements, each with a different return value.
d. A function can have a maximum of 128 arguments.

27. The far pointer has access to
a. A single memory location
b. No memory location
c. All memory locations
d. First and Last Memory Addresses

28. With the assistance of A, C programmes are translated into machine language.
a. A programmer.
b. A computer software programme
c. Each memory location
d.None of the above.

29. What is the connection between a structure, a union, and an enumeration?
a. They all allow you to create new values.
b. They all allow you to define new data types.
c. They all allow you to create new pointers.
d. They all allow you to define new structures.

30. If the storage class is not specified in the array definition, it will be assumed.
a. mechanical
b. Outside
c. inert
d. depending on the location of occurrence, automatic or external

Multiple-choice questions and answers for C functions
This portion of "C Functions" programming questions and answers from various entrance exams, interview questions, and competitive examinations is provided. It would be simple to grasp solved instances with thorough answer descriptions and explanations.
What is the C language?
A procedural programming language is one that was invented, the C programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie as a system programming language for building operating systems. It is an excellent place to start for anyone interested in learning how to code and is one of the most widely used programming languages due to its structure, high-level abstraction, machine-independent functionality, etc. Low-level system programming, embedded systems, and hardware all make extensive use of C. It continues to be used to create complex software, including the XNU kernel and the FreeBSD operating system. It has also undergone extensive optimization over time. The C language is a great choice for system programming, including the creation of operating systems and compilers, due to its low-level memory access, minimal set of keywords, and clean style. C is a low-level language that can communicate directly with the processor. It provides the least amount of abstraction and the most amount of control, making it a desirable choice for developers who wish to produce effective code. 

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