Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2022 2023 | Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Quiz NameDigital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers  Set 2
Number of Questions20
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. In Real-Time Reports, how do we define an active user?
a. Within the last 30 minutes, a user has triggered an event or viewed a page.
b. In the last 30 minutes, no user has triggered any events or viewed any pages.
c. In the last five minutes, a user has triggered an event or viewed a page
d. Users who have their smartphone open to a website

2. Which of the following productions are associated with procurement?
a. Supplies for the office
b. Systems of information.
c. Ingredients.
d. Furniture

3. How do customers feel about a product or a possible market opportunity?
a. Business plan
b. Images of the product
c. The concept for the product
d. Handling of customers

4. The most effective approach to use social media to promote a business is to:
a. To promote your business, services, and goods.
b. Gathering as many contacts as possible
c. Provide a wealth of information that is both useful and free.
d. Direct potential customers to your website.

5. What is essential in creating the greatest SEO-friendly website?
a. Images and content
b. Pictures abound.
c. Content in Flash
d. There is no other content available.

6. A fundamental distinction between B2C and B2B marketing is the presence of many consumer products, which is mirrored in web design through
a. referencing the requirements of businesses of various sizes
b. the company's current position in the purchasing decision-making process
c. various feature articles that appeal to various members
d. various navigation options that appeal to various members

7. The communication process is divided into four categories: decoding, feedback, encoding, and response.
a. Toolkits for communication
b. Channels of Communication
c. Parties in charge of communication
d. Ability to communicate

8. A relationship is one that exists in a market where transactional relationships exist but where technology does not play a role in their growth.
a. Personalized, low-tech, high-touch experience
b. Transactional Low-tech, High-touch
c. Personalization, High-Tech/Low-Touch
d. Automated/High-Tech

9. In email marketing, how crucial is the authentication process?
a. It is of no consequence
b. Aspects That Are Considered Slightly Crucial
c. Extremely crucial
d. It is possible to omit.

10. Following a business study, the following phase in the product development process is to
a. . marketing experiment
b. marketing to penetrate
c. chanal marketing
d. marketing for individuals

11. Advertisers can utilise which platform to buy ad impressions across ad exchanges.
a. A demand-side platform (DSP) is a type of platform that allows customers to
b. platform for the supply chain
c. Advertisement network
d. None

12. E-procurement has several goals, one of which is to save money by purchasing things in bulk:
a. obtained from a reliable source
b. in the appropriate amount
c. of the highest possible standard.
d. for a reasonable cost

13. A customer bought candies for her child, but after eating them, the child became ill. She became enraged and posted a complaint on the company's Facebook page, urging other users to avoid buying the candy as well. What do you believe the corporation should do?
a. They should remove the remarks and prohibit her for spreading false information about the company.
b. They should simply disregard the criticism because one or two bad remarks have no bearing on the brand's image.
c. They should vigorously defend themselves, telling her to stop talking.
d. They should apologise, obtain her phone number, and attempt to contact her in order to rectify the situation.

14. Customers in the beginning of a product's life cycle are categorised as
a. entrepreneurs
b. the forerunners
c. Customers who are in the midst of the market
d. laggards is a species of bacterium that lives in the soil

15. People who have already visited the site are ad targeting.
a. Retargeting in search
b. Contextual marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the context of a product or service
c. Remarketing
d. None at all.

16. A portal is a website that is typically maintained by a group of buyers to provide a more efficient shopping environment.
a. B2B e-marketplace that is self-contained.
b. a market that caters to the needs of buyers.
c. a marketplace with a focus on suppliers.
d. E-marketplaces, both vertical and horizontal

17. 'Closing a Call' entails_______”
a. To seal the deal on a purchase
b. To come to a conclusion with the discussion
c. To turn off the phone
d. To shut the doors

18. Which of the following is an example of a person who acts as an agent?
a. Spiders from search engines
b. Internet Explorer (version 9)
c. The Opera
d. All of these

19. The best classification for a thorough stated version of nominated new ideas in meaningful consumer language is
a. notion
b. phase
c. screening
d. screening of raw materials

20. On an E-Commerce website, a consumer review of a product
a. Consumer awareness of the brand
b. Get a feel for the goods
c. Consumer awareness of the product
d. Both A and B

21. Google's service is an example of a business-to-business service that generates advertising revenue by hosting videos.
a. Sponsored link advertising on Google AdWords (pay-per-click)
b. Business Application Suite for Google Apps
c. Brand Channel on YouTube
d. Google Search is an online website service that provides website owners with a variety of options.

22. An interactive interaction with a virtual salesperson is the purpose of a business-to-business website.
a. market
b. sizzle
c. express themselves
d. serve

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