Immediately appointing 34000 posts at the same time in West Bengal


West Bengal Chief Minister said in the Legislative Assembly that vacancies were vacated due to the retirement of many workers in various state offices. Now 33 thousand 687 vacancies are empty. Of them, 18,527 posts are unprotected. 10% of unorganized posts will be kept for the financially backward category. There will be 15 thousand 160 posts reserved for the unprotected posts. Of them, 7411 for scheduled castes, 2021 for Scheduled Tribes and 57.28 for OBC or other backward classes. Chief Minister said, about 34 thousand vacancies are empty, in Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. The government is making efforts to appoint the fourth-class workers from the officers in these posts.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is posted in the Secretariat Group A, Group B and Group C officers and staffers. But the PSC can not recruit more posts throughout the year to fill different types of terms. That’s why, after coming to power, the Staff Staff Selection Commission (SSC) created the Group C and Group D employees to recruit the Trinamool government. But while recruiting some of the food-related offices, the SSC took a lot of time. They could not finish the job of group D. After that SSC was given up.

According to sources in the Finance Ministry, it is not possible for the PSC to work together to recruit about 34,000 posts. So again the law will be formulated to create a new SSC. The reason is that the SSC is the only way to appoint the Group D for the appointment of the Officer-clerk, although there is a special board for appointment


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