Best Tea Franchise From Gong Cha Opening In New York


New York, USA – Gong Cha is, here again, distributing the best bubble tea in the USA to more areas in New York City! Coming this mid-June is another great Gong cha Zoho store in NYC.

The new tea store is bringing a fine selection of delicious flavors of Boba tea for everyone to enjoy. Located in 145 Greene Street, the store is going to be one of the best in New York. The summer refresh series is set to hold from June 10 to July 10. The target opening is set to be in mid-June.

It looks like Gong Cha has been hitting the New York big in the last months or so……This is an incredible achievement as beverages from Gong cha brings happiness to everyone who drinks this tasty, Asian drink.

At Gong cha, the varieties of flavors are nearly endless. New drinks will be launched in the upcoming franchise. They include the honey lemon green tea, strawberry lemonade with strawberry pearl, and honey lemon slush.

With over 50 different beverage options, customers can personalize the drinks to their taste, adding toppings from different Taiwanese dessert to their tea including Oreo tapioca pearl, and many more. They can also control the sugar level off the ice.

Our upcoming New York location is going to be an amazing joint that our guest will definitely love. According to the president of, Anchal Lamba,. “Our bubble tea selections of flavors are fun, unique, and excellent.”

The New York-based brand, Gong Cha has several locations from across the United Kingdom.

The most famous of them range from the Going cha milk tea with chewy bubble to Mango slush having free Mango Jelly.

“Our focus is to maintain an excellent high-quality ingredient and utmost customer satisfaction,” says the president Gong Cha.

The Zoho store designed with colorful wall mural promises to catch guests attention. There’s also a perfect hang out joint where guest can sip a strawberry lemonade with strawberry pearl on sunny noon.

Gong Cha, after years of operating, prioritize the provision of an exceptionally delicious tea and the utmost satisfaction of the customer.

“We hope to see you soon”, Anchal Lamba said.

Below is the list of the exact location of the new Gong cha tea store in New York City:

145 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012.

About Gong Cha

Started at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gong Sha which is another word for “tribute tea for the emperor” is a reputable bubble tea franchise. They have several locations from all over the world including the USA, U.K, and Canada. Their goal is to serve a freshly prepared and top-quality bubble tea to customers. Their tea combines different delicacies including fruits, toppings, and other creative combinations. Their Boba tea is refreshed every 4 hours to ensure that customers enjoy a fresh serving.


To get more information about Gong Cha, their bubble teas, and flavors, including questions and inquiries,

Please contact:

Anchal Lamba


[email protected]

75 West 38th Street,

Greater New York City Area

New York, NY, USA

Gong Cha USA Bubble Tea Franchise
Gong Cha USA Bubble Tea Franchise


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