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In general, choose a place to shop that will minimize the problems before you buy, during weaving and after the carpet is finished, and you can safely buy and feel comfortable after finishing carpet. Do not trust salespeoples face or when you search Google it will appear in the first results. Do research. Whether it’s online or in front of you, we list some methods to shoping with their advantages and disadvantages:

1- Buying from the store
In this way, you can carefully evaluate the threads, dyeing quality, dealer behavior and talk about future face-to-face support. If there’s a problem, you can come back and retake the seller so that they can handle your work. There are fewer opportunities to buy from the city.

But keep in mind that a large company can not sell in all cities and there is usually a sales representative store. Now if there’s a problem with the textures, there are three possible ways to go.

The direct contact with the company by you, the sales representative after the sale, no longer has anything to do with you, and will provide the company number of the company to stay in touch. In this case, you should ensure the next support of the manufacturer. Be sure the company is a big company and because you need to have a website, you can check it out or even call it anonymously before the purchase and check if you answered the answer as someone who has a problem.
The manufacturing company is not responsible to you, but the sales representative is somehow backed up by you. In this case, you can research the original thread to check the quality of the threads, but do not count on support for it. Hope your sales representative will accompany you for further support, but in this case you are likely to have trouble at least if you lose the map or later decide to use the sound card so be careful about the vendor’s choice.
The sales representative is the only seller of the product, and the manufacturer will not do anything for you at this time, and if, after a while, it is a problem, you will probably have the feeling of a tennis ball.
2- Purchase from school of carpet
Purchasing from the school is like having a shop in store, except that you’ve been trained to a friend or friend previously trained and fully familiar with the seller’s morale. If the school claims to do dyeing and making the package itself, be sure to work with quality or later support later on. With a hand of a few watermelons?

Follow specialized work

But if the school represented a reputable yarn and design company, given that you know the full knowledge of the school and also know the common problems during the texturing process, it seems to be a good solution, even if you feel that you have a great deal of profit as an intermediary It will be earned.

3- Direct purchases from manufacturers
We need to better understand the component manufacturers that are developing in the form of a school, shop, website, and dyes every day in the carpet community.

First look at the situation optimistically. Due to the fact that their heads are still not crowded and also names and advancements, they have some excellent dyeing and design qualities and provide good support, although the support, posting, customer response and other components are not yet properly formed, but if you have a chance, You’re probably very happy with your purchase.

But keep in mind that because the number of production is low, they are likely to be more expensive, and if they want to keep the price at a level of a manufacturing company that holds at least 10 dyes for each subject, they may be tired. So if you make a good money, you might have a decent and decent job. And, pray, do not go bankrupt, and look carefully at how well the market is, so make sure you do not plan for the bankruptcy of a small and unknown company. Even some of these small companies have been seen using non-woven yarns or dyeing yarns of other weavers so they can keep prices low.

4- Direct purchases from large manufacturing companies
These companies usually have large, well-stocked dyeing units and a lot of staff. They also usually have a regular site that provides you with great information about the company on the Internet.

Many times you buy a job from a school and shop, and you’re just getting to know the manufacturer. When you type its name into Google, it’s usually a complete and unobtrusive site and you can learn more about them by searching more on the Internet and on the virtual networks.

For a full list of yarn companies and maps in each city, see the carpet section of your colleagues. Of course, not all of these are big companies, but they are mostly secure and have good support, and the style of the work is different. Many of them have threads and maps along with the standard audio file, and they come in more quality in terms of quality, which you can see here.

5- Buying from the Internet
About 5 years ago, Internet shopping from yarn and map companies became very popular, but many small and sometimes unreliable producers attempted to capture part of the market, due to insufficient experience in improving quality and support , Caused the discontent of many weavers. Even many of these companies were easily deceived by inserting a guarantee scheme for purchasing customers, and ultimately stopped buying woven carpets by putting some flaws. The result is that this type of purchase is now specially made by the professors of this profession

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