The Elements of a Good Control Panel


To start off, a well-designed control panel only shows when it has been organized in such a way that it looks neat and tidy.

Most control panel manufacturers in India would agree that when things are where they’re supposed to be, the appeal of a regular old control panel would change.

Majorly there are 4 elements that make a control panel appealing:

1. Labelling

  • It is of utmost importance that every label is placed in such a way that it is clearly visible.
  • The components that are placed in the panel should also be labelled.
  • Each end of the wire should be labelled to ensure proper management.
  • The labels only require widely used prefixes to let the handler know what he’s dealing with exactly.

2. Wireway Design

  • According to electrical panel manufacturers, there should be enough space for both internal panel wiring and field I/O wiring that connect to the I/O terminals.
  • There should be enough space to allow the addition of more wires in the future.

3. Component Placement and Layout

  • The design should be functional and well thought of.
  • Each power group should be able to function without causing a hindrance to other components.
  • The PCL (Programmable Logic Controller) racks and I/O terminals should be placed below the components related to power distribution.

4. Panel Size and the Space between Components

  • Control panel manufacturers advice that the size of the panels should be big enough to accommodate all the components without cramping them.
  • The horizontal, as well as vertical spacing, should be designed according to its use.
  • There should be a sufficient amount of space left at the bottom of the panel to coil up all the field wires that are spare at the moment.

Most control panel manufacturers follow these guidelines to design panels that can work at full capacity.

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