All You Need to Know About Industrial heaters


According to some old age thinkers India has been a land of self-employed people. Today many people dream of having their own business and the recent changes in laws and recent plans brought forward by the government promotes this spirit. Movements started by the Indian government such as start-up India stand up India provides various benefits, possibilities and opportunities to Indians who want to start their own business.

This has seen a growing number of firms in the small and medium enterprises sector. Many entrepreneurs have entered the sector of SME as manufacturers. If you happen to be one of those, you must have knowledge about industrial heaters, the various types of industrial heaters and Industrial heaters manufacturers.

So, what is an industrial heater?

Industrial heaters are used in several processes where the temperature of an object or process must be controlled or more specifically increased. Industrial heaters are used in applications such as packaging, food processing, plastic moulding, chemical, petroleum and water-based applications.

Industrial heaters are used in several products such as

Steam boilers

A steam boiler is a product used to create steam by applying heating water. A boiler should generate steam instantly. The boiler should be safe and reliable and easy to install.  

Thermic fluid heater

Thermic fluid heater is heating equipment which is used when heat transfer is a primary need for the process.

Hot water heater/generator

As the name suggests this hot water heater/generator is used to heat water above its normal temperature. It can be used on several other fluids as well.

Hot air heater/generator

As the name suggests hot air heater/generator is a product is used to heat air usually before another process with the sole objective of increasing the thermal efficiency of the process.

Waste HRB

Waste heat recovery boiler is a product which recovers various kinds of waste heat which are generated in some process and converts such recovered heat into useful and effective energy. Waste heat found in the exhaust gas of various operations and processes is used to preheat incoming gas. This is the basic mechanism behind the recovery of waste heat. These are the industrial heaters that a budding entrepreneur should be aware of. These are used to produce a wide array of products that are then sold to the end users. There are several industrial heaters manufacturers who produce these industrial heaters and after conducting good research an entrepreneur can make a rational and well-informed choice.


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