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Buying a house is no less than building a castle in the air for some people. When you decide to buy a house, it is to be ensured that each and every aspect of the house is carefully so that it would not involve any hassle in the future and would be worth the investment. A house should be of mechanically and structurally good, after all, it’s about safety of you and your family. If you are planning to buy or sell a house to an investor then you are highly recommended to acquire quality-assured home inspection services which would later save your investment in future. Byron Property Inspection, Inc. is an Overland Park, Kansas City based company which takes great pleasure in providing reliable home inspection Kansas City services to its clients. Founded in the year 1994, Byron Property Inspection, Inc. is proudly serving the home inspection services to the region of Kansas City and its surrounding communities. It puts honesty and authenticity at its top-most priority and strives hard to offer the best kind of inspection services with utmost transparency and communication.

Byron Property Inspection, Inc. has a team of well-versed and certified home inspectors Kansas City who holds years of expertise in residential and commercial inspections. Abiding by the InterNACHI and ASHI standards, the team of professionals of Byron Property Inspection, Inc. provides a complete assessment of a commercial and residential property and informs their clients about the need of repairing and maintenance of a property. From inspecting HVAC systems, floors and roofs to determining the condition of countertops and cabinets, Byron Property Inspection, Inc. would not leave any stone unturned in examining the nook and corner of a property. Byron Property Inspection, Inc. provides the services that are mentioned below:

· New Construction Phase Inspections

· Pre-Listing Inspection

· 4-Point Inspection

· Loan Draw Inspection

Byron Property Inspection, Inc. also proffers re-inspection services where both the buyers and sellers will agree upon what other repairs need to be done before closing a deal. In re-inspection, the team of Byron Property Inspection, Inc. revisits your house to determine if there are other changes that are needed to be made. John Byron has led the foundation of Byron Property Inspection, Inc. and he holds 24 years of experience in the domain of home inspection. By availing the services of Byron Property Inspection, Inc., you will get a complete sample report along with videos, facts and photos which will give you a clearer understanding about the condition of your house. Rely upon Byron Property Inspection, Inc. and get your home inspection done at reasonable Kansas City home inspection prices.

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