Safari Camping And Cultural Tours In Africa


Planning for an adventure tour? Do you want to have an exciting fun filled trip?

If you are planning something on the above basis then definitely an African safari would be on your short list. In the vast and varied, wild Africa, it would be best to go for a tried and tested safari if you are making your first safari trip.

Tanzania is a preferred location, it is tourist friendly and the local population has long been arranging safari tours for people from all over the world. There is a Crest Safari Lodge which is at a ten minute driving from the Arusha airport. Arusha in Tanzania is well connected by air and other transport facilities. It is the best in class Safari Hotel Arusha has on offer. In Arusha, safari lodge would be the best option to experience a safari with family and friends. Your kids would enjoy the nature and animals, the outdoor garden. You can explore several cultural heritage sites.

If you are an adventurer, you would surely cherish the nearby mountain treks on offer. Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru treks can easily be arranged if you advance book your trip at the Crest Safari Lodge. Mt, Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in the African sub-continent and its imposing stature brings a sparkle in the eyes of the adventurers. A trek in these majestic peaks will be a once in a lifetime feat. It is not that every other person that you meet can boast of having trekked mt. Kilimanjaro, you would be among the handful among the billions of people on this earth who can claim to have trekked mt. Kilimanjaro.

They offer a full range of safari adventure like camping and cultural tours, safari bar, mountain treks, walking safaris, historical tours. They have a range of services on offer in amenities, their hospitality, customer comfort, and friendly behavior is most memorable, all this at very affordable rates. You would enjoy the blend of adventure and tranquility that you seek in a safari. For the best safari hotel in Arusha, look no further, you get a complete package here.


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