Bal Bhavan School Bhopal Admission 2020 Admission Process Registration Form


The Bal Bhavan School Admission Procedure Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-21

Basic Information About The school:-

Bhopal was promoted to Bal Bhavan School in 1975 and is a joint school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi. The school hosts around 2400 students in grades I to XII, followed by 106 faculty members. The school aims to pursue an integrated approach to children’s physical, educational, emotional and psychological development.

The infrastructure of the Bal Bhavan School:-

The 2.25-acre school campus houses a well-stocked library, well-equipped scientific laboratories, a computer lab, a ballroom, a music room, a medical infirmary, a games room and a playground.

Academics of Bal Bhavan School:-

The Bal Bhavan School, affiliated with the CBSE, offers class lessons from I to XII. The school introduced the NIIT Guru, which provides a holistic education solution for schools that uses technology and includes all the components necessary to meet the
current and future learning needs of students. The NIIT ecru suite includes “interactive lessons” for teachers, a math lab, a mobile science lab, an IT assistant and a student lab

Facilities offered by Bal Bhavan School:-

Students can take advantage of all the modern facilities, such as well-equipped computer labs, science and math labs, a library with a wide selection of books and transportation. The school also offers facilities for full personal development: sports, exhibitions, workshops, etc.

Bal Bhavan School, Bhopal Admission Process:

Admission is based on the candidate’s total score for the written test and personal interviews.

In the last week of March of each year, there is a joint admission test for class X and in the last week of June for classes XI to XII.

Candidates for admission will be selected in April / July. Parents must accompany candidates for a personal interview. The child is tested for knowledge of the class in which he is learning at the time of the admission exam. The test is not based
on a specific manual, but the general level of the class.

Admission Procedure:-

The admission procedure to the Bal Bhavan School starts every year in May and the school starts in July. For admission to the Bal Bhavan school, parents must complete the following steps:

Make an appointment with the school admissions office.
The registration form can be obtained at the school office or on the school website.
Fill out the registration form and send the requested documents to the admissions office.


For admission to asylum, the age limit from May 31st are at least 2 years and 6 months.
For class I, the age limit from May 31st is 5 years and 6 months.

Requested documents for Admission:-

Certified copy of the birth certificate
Transfer the certificate, the last result of the exam.
passport size photo.

The registration process for Bal Bhavan School:-

Parents must first collect the registration forms and submit photocopies of annual reports for the last two years along with the registration forms. Admission is based on a written exam and a personal interview. Each year, during the last week of March, an entrance examination isĀ organized for classes X and the last week of June for classes XI and XII. Successful candidates should enter in April / July.
Parents must accompany candidates for the job interview.

Students are tested in English, Maths and Hindi (grades I to V), English, Maths, Science (grades VI to X) and English and Electives (XI and XII).

Children are tested according to the program of the previous class they completed.

The annual tuition fees are as follows:-

Classes I to VIII: 24600 INR + 5000 (payable in July or at the time of admission)

Classes IX to XII: INR 25200 + INR 5300 (payable in July or at the time of approval)

INR 10,000 / – admission fee (only at the time of admission)

INR Security Deposit 2000 / – (Refundable)

Cost of the bus: according to the bus stops.

Rs.750 / –

Rs.850 / –

Rs.1000 / –

Bal Bhavan School, Bhopal Address and Contact:-

Shamla Hills, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh – 462013, India.
Tel.: 0755 2661052, 2661261


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