Careers in Fashion Technology – NIFT Admission Details


NIFT, known as the National Institute of Fashion Technology, is the best institute for a careers in fashion technologies. For admission as a NIFT candidate, you must sit and pass the national selection exam. Every year, NIFT organizes the fashion admission exam for the admission of the design course. In NIFT, they learn new innovations, science and technology of design will all brand new fashion technological ideas in this modern world. I NIFT they also stimulate your ideas to present and create new innovations in the fashion industry. During study NIFT students can also prepare their communication, grow their personality, their knowledge that helps them get the best job in accordance with market standards. At one point, NIFT offers a better position than IIT, IIM with Attractive salary A NIFT number can earn 10 to 12 lacks avarage a year.

For more details, such as the NIFT application model, NIFT exam evaluation and the NIFT exercises, NIFT coaching, Questio patterns online exam, and more details candidates can visit The Opus Way, which is widely known as the best Fashion Training Institute and Design Institute. Opus Way , will guide you and help you allunderstand your all query and questions about Fashion Entry Examination (NIFT). Today, NIFT is very popular among all youngstar candidates seeking careers in the fashion and design industry. After finishing high school (class 12), NIFT is an excellent option for all candidates. It’s a one of the best career to choice because in today’s modern world everyone is crazy about fashion. From a child to an elder, everyone admires new appearances and fashion innovation. As a result, the fashion industry is evolving and developing rapidly, day after day. People are regularly updated with accessories, clothes, lifestyle, etc. These are the requirements of designers and fashion experts who will create the new Innovation and idea every day.

After completing the fashion technology course, there are also future opportunities and strong demand for students across all the cities in India as well as abroad. In India there are many other fashion institutions, but the National Institute of Fashion Technology, known as NIFT, is unique in that it offers its students the best education, the right academic environment, the best faculty, fantastic infrastructure. NIFT offers its students four-year courses and specialization courses. NIFT teaches students innovations in the many sectors like textile, automotive, clothing, accessories and style sectors, etc. NIFT also focuses on training and industrial communication.

One of the main reasons for joining NIFT is that they offer the best position in the fashion industry. NIFT also has the opportunity to exchange students in over 32 years in many Countries for better learning prospectives. Therefore, it offers the best exposure and the best opportunities for higher education. Being admitted to the NIFT at the Bachelor of Fahion (BF) Two written exams must be passed. The first test is called CAT (creative skill test) and the second test is GAT (general ability test).

The candidate will be tested consists of four sessions, which include communication skills, quantitative skills, understanding of English, analytical skills, general Knowledge etc. As part of the Creative Test (CAT), a candidate is assessed based on his or her design, innovation and creativity skills. The most important part of it. Round is the creative use of colors and design. In the situation test series, a candidate is judged based on creativity, extraordinary ideas, usage of new color innovation, thinking use of the materials provided at that time and general presentations. In the group discussion, a candidate needs qualities such as leadership, problem solving skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and common sense of the subject assigned to them, etc. In the personal circle, a candidate is judged according to his or her professional orientation, mastery of the chosen subject, academic achievements and common curricular activities and many others.


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