Character & Citizenship Programs Offered By Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas


Killeen, TX/2019: Character & Citizenship Programs Offered By Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. Participating in after-school programs helps in broadening a student’s perspective and introduce him to a vast world of opportunities for personality & character development. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas strive to provide students with opportunities which offer them guidance for shaping their personalities into confident, responsible and happy individuals.

Founded in 1964, the clubs have successfully grown to over 29 sites that are spread over 8 communities in Central Texas. The mission of the club is to help students attain their maximum potential by exposing them to a vast array of activities in an enclosed and secure environment.

Character & Citizenship Programs

  1. The programs are meant to help youth develop into responsible and caring citizens.
  2. Participants are taught leadership skills, exposed to opportunities for planning, decision making and engagement in the club & community.
  3. The programs under this category include:
  • Goals for Growth: Members aged 8-12 years are taught skills for setting and achieving goals pertaining to club involvement, knowledge, service, school improvement, personal improvement and career awareness.
  • Junior Staff: This program helps children aged 13-18 years explore a career in human services by exposing them to career development activities, community service, customer service skills, club apprenticeship programs and more.
  • Keystone Clubs: This program is offered to children in the age group 14-18 and provides leadership development opportunities & activities for academic success, career preparation and community service.
  • Million Members, Million Hours of Service: Members (6-18 years of age) engage in the community through fun activities, volunteer and service projects.
  • Torch Clubs: The club is focused on character development of adolescents aged 11-13 years by helping them to develop 21st-century leadership skills, good character and integrity.
  • Youth of the Year: This program promotes leadership skills like communication, team-work and goal-setting among children aged 6-18 years.

For more information on the character and citizenship program offered by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, feel free to call at (254)699-5808. You can also visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX-76541 or log on to


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