Delhi Public School DPS Kolkata Admission 2020, Registration, Eligibility, Fees, Notice

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Delhi Public School Admission 2020-2021, Registration Procedure:

Basic Information About The Delhi Public School DPS Kolkata:-

The future of a country lies in its resources, the most valuable is its human resources. At school, this resource is brought into a meaningful and beautiful form. Our country is facing a new era of hope, rapid change, and many challenges. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
(SSA) is the flagship program of the Government of India for the universalization of primary education(UEE) promptly, as prescribed in the 86th amendment to the Indian Constitution, which made the free and compulsory education of children aged 6 to 14 years a fundamental right. The Delhi Public School at Ruby Park in Calcutta has been a leader in the quality of education for all in Calcutta for 13 years. With its excellent infrastructure and superior teaching techniques, it has become a household name in this short period.
In addition to the routine program, students are motivated and helped to spread the light of knowledge and awareness through a strong and comprehensive social service program. In recent years, older students have regularly visited Manovikas Kendra, a special children’s center, to help students.

Facilities Given By DPS Students Kolkata:-

Including classrooms are another way to support the SSA initiative. Our open classrooms are among the most digital not only in Calcutta but across the country. The school is one of a co-education platform that empowers girls and boys with the same knowledge and motivation to become tomorrow’s effective decision-makers. We intend to continue and expand the scope and implementation of all these measures in the coming years because an educated mind is the only free mind – free from prejudice, fear and exploitation.
As we approach the 75th anniversary of this magnificent country in 2022, Delhi public school, Ruby Park is determined to make SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN a great success.

DPS Kolkata Admission Entry For Children – 2020-2021

The age criteria must be strictly adhered to. If the child’s age does not meet the age criteria of the class, you can not continue.
Please check the age criteria specified by us for the choice of class.
There is no registration associated with the registration, which is subject to a rating procedure and the availability of seats.
The application must be complete and the information in the registration form must be correct. In case of discrepancies, the management reserves the right to cancel the registration form and the admittance of the child.
Fees paid at the time of admission will not be reimbursed, except for the cash deposit (refundable) in the event of a disbursement.
The management reserves the right to have the last word in all approval questions.

DPS Kolkata Admission Registration Process 2020 2021

The completed application form must be submitted no later than 12 November 2019.
The incomplete registration form and the registration form with false information are considered invalid.
The applicant’s age must be at least 15 years as of 31 March 2020.
The percentage of grades or scores obtained in all subjects and the total must be indicated on the registration form.
Please note that students who have chosen the Elementary Mathematics class X will participate in the CBSE 2020 Board
It will be allowed to take shape in any combination of subjects available without mathematics, provided the minimum marking criteria set by the DPS Ruby Park.

DPS Admission Documents Required For Admission 2020

X Board / Semester and Class IX Class Results Final Results
Copy of the certified birth certificate.
Please stick the identical color photos of the applicant registration form with passport photos of the candidate’s parents on the registration form as mentioned over the form.

DPS Kolkata Admission Entrance Exam Procedure 2020:-

Non-DPS Ruby Park students will only be admitted if they pass both the written admission test and the oral interview.
The written admission test will take place on November 16, 2019, on the topics mentioned above. The Admission notice is available on our website
Students must appear for an interview with both parents on November 16, 2019.
The admission of class XI from the list of selected candidates will be announced on 19 November 2019 on the first floor.
The commercial center of the house (room No. 105) 14 hours.
The registration fee for the prospectus is Rs. 1500 / –
Note: The school reserves the right to change the admission criteria.

Authorization and Approval Procedures 2020 of DPS Kolkata:-

Registration is open to the LKG class from 10 September 2019 for the academic year 2020
Upper-class procedure: admission depends on the availability of places in the upper class.
Students wishing to be admitted to school must register using the form provided by the school office.

DPS Kolkata LKG Admission 2020 Entrance Age

LKG – 3 years 6 months before March 31st

DPS Kolkata Admission Updates

09/12/2019 – Registration is open to the LKG class from 10 September 2019 for the academic year 2020-2021.
06/28/2019 – Admission to the LKG class is possible from January 2020 for the academic year 2020-2021.
01/30/2019 – Admission to the LKG class is possible from 19 March 2019 for the academic year 2019-2020.
All the forms regarding admission are available at the school office.

DPS Kolkata 2020 Applications Form Availability:-

Module availability: personally in the school
Presentation: personally at school

Important Documents Required For DPS Kolkata Admission:-

Copy of the income parent certificate.
Copy of the birth certificate.
Copy of the brother or sister evidence if any.
Copy of previous school paper if any.
Copy of court order for single parent/mother.

Admission Process Of DPS Kolkata For 2020 2021 Session:-

The list of selected candidates will be published in the admissions office and at the school notice board. All information available on the Website
Declarations of expenditure are issued by the admissions office to the parents or legal guardians of the selected candidates for tickets. The admission procedure will be communicated to the parents of the selected candidates together with the tax program.
Parents and local/legal guardians must be present to fulfill the various admission formalities. For students wishing to be admitted to Class I and beyond, it is mandatory to present the original transfer certificate from the last school visited.
The commissions paid at the time of admission will not be reimbursed, except for the cash (refundable) deposit in the event of an outlay. Please review the data for the approval process and follow them carefully. The management reserves the right to have the last word in all the applications for approval.

List Of DPS Kolkata West Bengal For Admission 2020

DPS HOWRAH Admission

Contact Information And Details of DPS, Ruby Park:-

For Junior School
138 Ruby Park, Kasba Rathtala, Kolkata – 700078, West Bengal
Phone No.: +91 33 71300239, +91 33 71300240
Email ID: [email protected]
For High School Admission

254 Shanti Pally, RB Connector, Kolkata – 700107, West Bengal
Phone No.:+91 33 71300258,+91 33 71300265


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