ISDI Admission Registration Process Eligibility Criteria Admit Card 2020


ISDI Admission Process Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021:-

Basic Information About ISDI:-

ISDI welcomes design candidates with the talent to be innovative and to suggest design solutions. The ISDI degree programs have been specifically designed to enable students to become future industry leaders. World-class infrastructure and world-class study
models bring students closer to their dreams. ISDI is called the Indian School of Design and Innovation. This institute was discovered in 2013 in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design in New York. The exam allows candidates to be admitted to a variety of UG, PG, and short-term professional courses. Candidates wishing to be admitted must apply for ISDI. This admission exam allows him to judge and leads him into the appropriate field.

Founded in 2013 in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design in New York, ISDI offers aspirants access to the design programs offered based on the results achieved in the ISDI challenge. The Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) offers design programs
for aspiring graduate, post-graduate, professional and short-term. ISDI Challenge 2020 exam dates have been announced.

The ISDI challenge:-

Dealing with the ISDI challenge is the only way to be admitted to this prestigious design school. This challenge for the Under Graduate design programs aims to select future design innovators who will form a vibrant creative community. Therefore, the ISDI
challenge is for those who dare their creative side and enjoy.

The ISDI challenge consists of three phases:
Creative fitness exam
Test Studio
Personal interview and portfolio review

Application procedure:-

The college of your dreams consists of 5 steps:

Step 1: Send the completed application form.
Step 2: deposit the registration fee
Step 3: Plan the ISDI challenge
Step 4: accept the ISDI challenge
Step 5: If successful, request your seat

The conditions for the ISDI challenge:-

Step 1: At this point, you need to enter all the information in the online application form on the ISDI website. After successfully submitting the form you will receive a confirmation email.
Step 2: In addition to the non-refundable registration fee of INR 3,500 / – it is necessary to send the registration form, certificates, certificates and evaluation sheets for all completed courses, as well as a photocopy/copy of scanned ID card and PAN card to ISDI by e-mail, courier or hand delivery to the ISDI Admissions Board. Note that registration fees can be paid online via PayTM / DD / Pay Order for the benefit of the Payback to Society Foundation.
Step 3: To schedule the ISDI challenge, first check the data on the ISDI website. Call the ISDI approval number to plan your ISDI
challenge. Note that the ISDI challenge was completed in one day.
Step 4: for ISDI Challenge you will need to bring the ticket, the original ID card for verification (as with a photocopy sent previously) and your wallet. It is not necessary to transport fixed equipment as it is provided by the ISDI authority.
Step 5: You can view the results on the ISDI website. If successful, the results will be sent to you by e-mail after confirmation.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission:-

Students who pass Class XII exams (all disciplines) or who have passed Class XII exams (all disciplines) are entitled to take the first four-year ISDI Challenge cycle. The age limit for candidates is 21 years.

Latest appointments for ISDI 2020 admission:-

The ISDI 2020 Batch Challenge will take place on December 23, 2017, in Mumbai. The deadline for applications is December 19, 2019. The exam locations for the 2020-2021 semester have not yet been declared.

Courses and fees:-

The Indian Institute for Design and Innovation (ISDI) offers the most promising aspiring designers in the country every year the opportunity to pursue a career in design. ISDI is one of the leading design schools in India that has taught various connoisseurs of fashion and design.

These are the degree programs offered by ISDI:

communication design
Communication mode
interior design

product design
Planning and strategic management

Registration fees:-

The registration fee for basic courses 2020-2021 was punctual – INR 76,750 *

* Subject to changes following government guidelines and a 10% increase per year. The fee structure for the 2020 degree course has not yet been published.

Faculties and facilities:-

ISDI hosts a large creative community. World-class programs are designed to help students take full advantage of them.
These programs are supported by expert mentors and the latest technologies. The faculty, composed of specialized and competent educators, helps students to discover a new frontier in innovation and in planning every step of the way. Under their competent guidance, ISDI has successfully created an ecosystem of creativity, innovation and sustainability. To improve the creativity and performance index of its students, ISDI values a global learning approach by creating a global network, particularly through partnerships with educational institutions in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The ISDI campus is full of life with study trips, interactive workshops, seminars, fashion shows, festivals and design festivals.
The ISDI campus is located in the heart of Mumbai and has state-of-the-art infrastructure. The list includes special study rooms, auditoriums, canteens, classrooms and well-equipped laboratories, lockers, etc.

Internships and Placements:-

ISDI bridges the gap between traditional education and industry standards. Regularly organizes interfaces between students and industry in the form of observation, training and internships. Each of these phases has a predefined timeline. ISDI guarantees
100% internships.

Highlights of the duration of the temporal sequence of the stage
Observer Sem 2 – Sem 3 70 to 80 hours dealing with the professional work culture
Apprenticeship Sem 4 – Sem 5 Up to 150 intermediate hours
Stage Sem 6 – Sem 7 Min 200 hours of experience in the sector and development of various collaborations.
The ISDI Round Table Conference is an important part of this interface, in which students are introduced to the possibilities and challenges of the design world. It also helps them choose the right topic.

ISDI Application Form:-

The ISDI 2020 application form (Delhi) can be completed by 1 December 2019 (for UG and PG programs).

Admission criteria for ISDI Challenge 2020:-

The admission criteria for the ISDI challenge vary depending on the course requested by the candidates.

ISDI Challenge 2020 admission criteria for underground programs:-

Aspirants meet the ISDI challenge eligibility criteria for degree programs when they complete eighth grade or complete their
10 + 2 exam (A-Level, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC, etc.) or equivalent from a subject such as Science / Commerce / completed. Art.

Age limit: the age limit for applying for a UG course at ISDI is 21 years at the time of application.

ISDI Challenge 2020 admission criteria for PG programs:-

According to the ISDI admission criteria for PG courses, the official website indicates that candidates who are currently seeking a degree or have graduated (12 + 4 years) in any discipline are eligible.

Eligibility criteria ISDI Challenge 2020 for professional programs:-

Candidates meet the ISDI challenge eligibility criteria for vocational courses when they are required for their 10 + 2 exam (eg Level A, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC, etc.) or equivalent in any discipline (such as the science, commerce, art) and also have an interest in design and innovation.

It should be noted, however, that to confirm the authorization it is necessary to pass the 10 + 2 exam. However, candidates will also receive provisional admission if the results of their final exam are not known at the time of the ISDI Challenge exam.

ISDI Admission 2020: Conditions of participation for fashion design:-

Candidates meet the ISDI challenge eligibility criteria for vocational courses when they are required for their 10 + 2 exam (eg Level A, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC, etc.) or equivalent in any discipline (such as the science, commerce, art) and also have an interest in design and innovation.

Candidates awaiting the results of their 10 + 2 exams can also apply for admission to ISDI and provisional admission will be offered.

Admission procedure for ISDI Challenge 2020:-

The ISDI admission procedure for all courses offered is almost identical. The only difference is in the professional programs offered in design schools. In these professional courses, candidates do not have to participate in the ISDI challenge, they just have to present themselves for personal discussion.

Step 1: Complete the ISDI verification application form

Aspirants must complete the ISDI Challenge 2020 application form on the university’s official website. Applicants must record their data, contact/address information, academic qualifications and statements in the application. All documents must be in a sealed envelope containing the applicant’s name and application number. Applicants must send the envelope to the following address:

ISDI Admissions Commission
A centre of Indiabulls
Tower 2A, 6th floor
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400 013
Telephone: +91 77389 47444

Applicants can pay ISDI registration fees via a draft application (DD). The aspirants of Mumbai can also pay the registration fee by payment order. The SD or payment order must be prepared in favour of “ISDI” and must be paid in Mumbai. The SD/payment
order must be accompanied by a declaration form signed by the candidate and his / her parent/guardian.

The registration fee for ISDI Challenge 2020:-

Subscription fee: Rs 3,500

Step 2: Get the ISDI Challenge card

Once the registration fee and the above documents have been presented, candidates will receive their ISDI Challenge 2020 ticket.
The ISDI Challenge admission card is a mandatory document that must be taken to the exam centre. With the admission card, candidates must also be provided with the original identity card, the portfolio (reserved for UG candidates) and the curriculum
vitae (reserved for PG candidates).

Step 3: Accept the ISDI challenge

The ISDI challenge is based on the course for which the candidates have applied for admission. Admission to UG courses requires candidates to submit an online portfolio, while PG courses require candidates to present a presentation in PDF format and an essay.

Step 4: look for a personal interview

Thus, candidates must appear on the same day as the written personal interview.

Step 5: Check the ISDI challenge result

After about 10-15 days of examination, the ISDI 2020 Challenge result will be sent by e-mail to the candidates.

ISDI Challenge 2020 Examination Centers:-

ISDI Challenge 2020 test centres have been declared. Applicants can view the ISDI Challenge Examination Centers by city below for admissions in 2020:

City ISDI Challenge 2020 Exam Center
Neerja Modi School, Shipra Path,

Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar,

Jaipur, Rajasthan

St Joseph Pre-University College,

Ardee School, FM Cariappa Road (Museum Route), Bangalore

Ahmedabad Management Association,

ATIRA Campus, Dr Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Ahmedabad, etc.

Address And Contact information of ISDI:-

ISDI Parsons Mumbai Campus
Indian school of design and innovation
ISDI Tower, One Indiabulls Center,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai 400013.

Email: [email protected]

ISDI Helpline: +919004306222

Official website:
Telephone number: 7718865341


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