Lancers Army School Surat Admission 2020 Registration Form Eligibility Criteria


The Lancers Army School Surat Admission Process Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021

Basic Information About  The Lancers Army School Surat:-

The Lancers Army School of Surat is a co-ed English school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. The school aims to provide a first-class, holistic education for children of 12 years. The Lancers Army School is an English middle school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, NEW DELHI, and recognized by the government from Gujarat. The Lancers Army School has spacious classrooms with cutting-edge educational technology. The computer labs are equipped with the latest Pentium so that students can develop their creativity. Audiovisual teaching material.

Infrastructures of The Lancers Army School Surat:-

The school has a large playground, spacious classrooms, laboratories, a music room, a computer room and a mini auditorium. On-campus there is a library with a large collection of books. Canteen and transport are also available.

Sports and activities:-

The school also offers physical and sports activities.

school group
Yoga Music
I swim
Classical and Western dance
table tennis
NCC Drill

The Lancers Army School  Admission:-

Parents wishing to enrol their children can contact the school office to obtain application forms and other information. All qualified candidates can apply for admission to the school. Candidates are admitted according to the rules and regulations followed by the school.

Admission Procedure and Eligibility of The Lancers Army School of Surat:-

The application documents are delivered to the school office and can be viewed at the school. Archived application documents with attached documents required. Copy of birth certificate. Procedure for the upper classes: admission is a question of availability of places in the upper class. Students requesting admission to the school must register on a compulsory form available at the school office.

 Age Criteria for Admission:-

LKG – 3 years, 6 months until March 31st

Applications Forms:-

Form available: personally at school
Presentation of the modules: personally at school

Documentation needs to be submitted for Admission:-

Copy of the income certificate. Copy of the box certificate. Copy of the test of the brothers. Copy of the student’s test. Copy of the court order for single parent/mother.

Admission procedure and admission fees to the Lancers Army School:-

To be admitted to Lancers Army School, a candidate must pass an official entrance exam. After a successful examination, he can apply for admission.

The following documents will be sent with the completed application.
Photocopy of the birth certificate (certified copy)
Medical certificate
family photo
Certificate of completion / Certificate of transfer (original) (CT countersigned for city or other authority candidates)
Photocopy of the activity report of previous years
Box certificate, if available.

Session Plan of The Lancers Army School:-

Academic session from April to March
Holidays: from May to June
Admission period – from December to July

Contact details/address of Lancers Army School:-

Lancers Army School, Vesu Main Street,
Athwa, Surat, Gujarat
Surat – 395.007
Telephone: (0261) 2212735, 2257621


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