National Public School Koramangala NPS Admission 2020 Registration Eligibility


National Public School Koramangala Admission process Registration Procedure For Academic Year 2020-2021:

Information on National Public School NPS Admission 2020:-

The Koramangala National Public School was founded in 2003 with the help of Dr.K P Gopalkrishnan. The National Education Trust, which is a linguistic, minority and regional institution that serves quality learning and education, runs the school. This school
is affiliated with the CBSE program, a national body of the Indian government. For the sec. Instruction.

The National Public School (NPS) is a famous chain of schools with the best facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. In most surveys, these schools are ranked among the best schools in India. A perfect mix of technology and innovative teaching methodology is the strength of NPS. This is why it is expected that many parents/guardians will require the registration of their children in these schools. You must have complete knowledge of the NPS 2020 admission if you also want your service to be a student of the National Public School. To meet this need, we provide complete information on admission to the 2020 National Public School in this article.

The NPS family NPS School For Admission 2020:-

The NPS is the family of the following educational institutions located in different locations in India and abroad.

National public school, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
NPS Admission Gopalapuram, Chennai
NPS Admission 2020 Indiranagar, Bangalore
NPS Admission 2020 National Academy of Learning, Bangalore (ICSE and A levels)
NPS Admission 2020 TISB, Bangalore (IB)
NPS Admission 2020 Koramangala, Bangalore
NPS Admission 2020 International, Singapore
NPS Admission 2020 Chennai
TISB Training Academy, Bangalore
NPS Admission 2020 Mysore
NAFL-NPS, Bangalore
Montessori NPS Global Centers

Facilities In NPS School

All the schools in the NPS chain are well equipped with the latest facilities to provide students with a world-class learning environment. Some of the available facilities are the following.

Spacious and well-lit classrooms.
Computer room
Scientific laboratory
Mathematical laboratory
Health center

Extracurricular activities:-

The school attaches equal importance to school activities to help students grow in various areas of life, not just in the academic world. The following activities are regularly organized in schools for the overall development of student personalities.

Visual arts: drawing, coloring, painting, etc.
Performing arts: theatre, dance, etc.
Other extracurricular activities: sports, yoga, debates, scrabble training, etc.
Cub Scout Movement: this is special training for young boys.

Admission procedure and eligibility In NPS For 2020 Session

The entrances are open for the PreKG class from September 23, 2019, for the academic year 2020-2021.
Top class – Procedure: the application forms for grade 11 will be issued starting November 3, 2016, starting from the 2017-2018 academic year. The registration forms filled out with all documents will be accepted at the school reception desk every working day between 10:00 and 12:00 from 15 November 2016.

Criteria for admission age:-

Pre KG – 2 years 6 months before March 31st

NPS Admission updates:-

09/25/2019 : The entrances are open for the PreKG class from September 23, 2019, for the academic year 2020-2021.

NPS Applications Forms For 2020 Admission:-

Module availability: school website
Presentation of the form: school website

Documentation needs to be submitted for NPS Admission

Copy of the birth certificate Recent photo of the passport format.

Here are the steps to request admission to national public schools- NPS 2020-2021:-

The first priority is for brothers and sisters. In general, the demands of brothers and sisters exceed the number of places
available. The second priority concerns the children of teachers and other staff members.
Priorities are also given to children of former students of the school. Since most of the schools in this chain are quite old,
many questions have also been received from former students.
There is also another category of people who are mobile abroad and come from schools outside India. The school also receives many
requests from these people.
In line with government standards, access to national integration for minorities in different Indian states will also be a priority.
Admission from 2nd to 9th depends on vacancies.

NPS Admission Registration Process:-

Download the Montessori / Kindergarten registration form, if applicable, from our website for the 2019-2020 school year.
Send the completed registration form with a copy of the birth certificate and retrieve the information brochure (Rs. 350 / –
in cash only).
Date and time of presentation: Monday 12 November 2018 from 9:30 to 11:30 only at the school reception.
Saturday time: 09:00 to 11:00
The school will be closed on the third Saturday, on holidays and during the Christmas holidays from 22.12.2018 to 03.01.2019.

Contact information and address details of the school:-

National public school, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Address: 1036 A Purandarapura, 5th Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru – 560 010, Karnataka, India
Telephone number: +91 80 2335 0361 / +91 80 231 56772
E-mail address: [email protected]


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