Shardayatan School Surat Admission 2020 Registration Form Eligibility Criteria


The Shardayatan School Surat Admission Procedure Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021

About Shardayatan School, Piplod:-

The Shardayatan school is a full-fledged structure with adequate facilities in all areas. We have well-prepared classrooms that offer a pleasant atmosphere to learn. On the ground floor, there is a very sophisticated administrative office and next to the main staff room. On the first floor, we have a personal room for secondary and secondary education.
Next to the staff room, there is a spacious and well-stocked library. We have a collection of about 8,000 catalogued books. On the same floor, there are the biology laboratory and the physics laboratory, spacious and architecturally designed. At the end of the corridor, there is the audiovisual room.

Facilities of Shardayatan School:-

Personal Website, Social Media, YouTube Channel

Sports Facilities by Shardayatan School:-

Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Off-Road Cycling, Dance Team, Soccer, Hockey, Martial Arts, Skateboard Club, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga Club

Extracurricular Activities:-

Speech and political interest
club language

Special interest
Chess club, business club, environmental club, animal rights club

Performance art
Comedy, dance, music club

Art club, drawing, painting, theatre, fashion design, graphics, photography, sewing

Academic teams
Spelling competition, Science Bowl

Biology club, chemistry club, business club, English club, history club, life science club, math club, physics club

Admission Procedure and Eligibility:-

Application documents can be a problem in January until school. Application documents filed with the attached documents required.
Procedure for upper classes: admission depends on the availability of places in the desired class. Students requesting admission to the school must register on a compulsory form available at the school reception.

Age Criteria For Admission:-

LKG – 3 years, 6 months until March 31st

Applications Form For Admission:-

Module availability: school website
Presentation of the form: school website

Admission Process of Shardayatan School:-

(A) Admission to this school is limited by certain regulatory requirements, age, abilities and behavioural conditions.

(B) The approval age for Jr. kg is three years and ends on May 31.

(C) The final certificate of the last recognized school must be presented and countersigned by the district education office if the student is from another country.

The customer reserves the right to refuse applications without providing explanations. No certificate of approval will be issued unless the parent or guardian requests it in person or writing.

General admission procedure at the Shardayatan School, Surat:-

Students wishing to be admitted to the PU College of Shardayatan can visit the Piplod school campus for information on
school facilities and offers. For information such as age requirements, Fee structure, online admission form and documents to be sent, please contact the school by phone at 0261 246 4245 Or by e-mail at info @

Contact information for admission:-

Address: Lakeview Garden, Piplod, Dumas Road, Surat, Gujarat 395007
Telephone number: 0261 24
Email Id: [email protected]


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