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Sophia High School Bengaluru Admission Procedure Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021:-

Basic Details About the School:-

Sophia High School, Bangalore is a Catholic institution founded in 1949 by Mother Anderson of the Sacred Heart Religious Order. The school is sponsored by Mary Mother of Jesus and follows the motto “truth and universal love”.Sophia High School Bengaluru (Bangalore) is a middle school (XI-XII), affiliated with the Council of Examinations of the Certificate of Indian Studies (CISCE). It is an average English school. The school is located in Bangalore (Bangalore).
It is a private school and is managed by. It is a kindergarten for girls, which meets the educational needs of over 2000 students from kindergarten to grade 12. The Sophia High School courses for each school year start from June to March. Sophia High School, Bangalore is a Catholic institution founded by Mother Andersson of the religious order of the Sacred Heart. The sisters of the Society’s Holy Mother, Catherine Andersson, Ivy Bourke and Dorothy Bullen opened the school with the name of
Convent of the Sacred Heart with only 17 children.

In 1957, the name of the school was changed to Sophia High School. Kindergarten classes were introduced in 1969. The first group of  ISCs, 51 students graduated in 2002. Sophia High School is a mixed school up to the fourth year and a girls’ school until the 12th year.

The Sophia High School in Bangalore (Bangalore) is one of the best institutions of the Indian School Certification Examination Board (CISCE) in Bangalore (Bangalore) and is among the best schools in Bangalore (Bangalore). Here, dedicated and professional teachers ensure that children get the most out of their education at this school of the Council for the Examination of Indian Studies Certificates (CISCE) in Delhi. The school has achieved outstanding results in the academic sphere and its students have also excelled in extracurricular activities.

Faculty of Sophia High School Bengaluru:-

The school has qualified, committed and motivated teachers, such as Mrs Celina D’Souza, Mrs Nathalia D’Souza, Mrs Christia Joseph, Mrs Thereza Yogesh, Mrs Rose Navin, Mr John Alexander.

Admissions to the Sophia high school:-

Admission is based on an interview.

Services And Facilities:

The school has good facilities such as well-lit classrooms, a library with a rich collection of books, laboratories, biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, playgrounds and transport.

The infrastructure of The Sophia High School:-

The Sophia High School, on the Bangalore campus, extends over 10 acres and houses five main buildings that house the nursery,
primary, middle, upper and ISC classes, as well as the school auditorium.

The school offers physics, biology and chemistry laboratories, a well-stocked library of over 1000 volumes, a canteen and a drinking water system on the bone. The campus also houses a basketball court, a field and a huge playground.

Academics of The Sophia High School:-

Sophia High School, Bangalore prepares students for class XII and class XI CFSI exams. The teaching is English and Kannada and Hindi are taught as a second language.

Extra-curricular activities:-

the school encourages its students to participate in cultural, literary and sports activities.
Sophia High School currently has the best women’s basketball team in Bangalore and the best basketball team. Sports such as badminton, tennis, table tennis, swimming and athletics are also highlighted.

Admission criteria:-

Admission is open for girls who have a certificate of achievement in ICSE and CBSE in class X. Applicants must have passed the equivalent Class X exams from other councils recognized in India and abroad. The candidate must have passed 5 written subjects, including English and 4 other subjects during the same session.

Admission procedure of Sophia High School Bengaluru:-

Parents or students must submit the completed form
The market sheets for classes 9, 10 and 10 pre-boarding and final X, attested by the school principal, must be presented with the form.
Students must submit the form the day after the announcement of the board results between 9:00 and 14:30 at the school office.
Students will be notified of the admission by SMS within one day of submitting the application forms.
Parents who received the SMS – Parents or students must bring the following documents: with 2 photocopies.
Pan Card
Proof of residence address
2 passport size photographs of parents
Both parents must accompany the war to participate in the interview with the director with the original and photocopies of
the documents mentioned above.
Admissions are at the discretion of the principal and the school director as space is limited.

Admission Form of The Sophia High School 2020:-

The admission forms are issued at the beginning of January; the completed forms must be sent on the dates indicated on the
school notice board.

The admission process of The Sophia High School 2020:-

A large number of parents will seek admission to the Santa Sofia convent school in 2020 for their students. The general instructions relating to the application process are as follows.

To request admission, parents must contact the school and obtain the application form.
So parents must complete all the mandatory details in the application.
The details must be accurate because the authorities will check the documents later.
The school will contact the parents of the students who will be selected to be admitted.
100% is in the tenth edition (SSLC) of the last 13 years
Each teacher is trained and certified by the Pearson teacher certification program

Community support program:-

Art program of the life of Sri Pandit Ravi Shankar Guruji for students
Staff quality, learning environment and interaction of teachers and students

 Extra-Services offered by the school:-

The school offers many facilities for the holistic development of children. Some of these structures are as follows.

Computer education,
Scientific laboratory
Student counselling
The course of Abacus and Vedic Mathematics
Health awareness field
Cultural programs
Resource Center for the slow learning centre,
Scientific awareness programs
SUPW Activities
International program
Sip Abaco and Brain Gym
Personality development
Scout School
Extracurricular activities

Contact details and address of The Sophia High School:-

Address: CA n. 6, 10th block, 2nd stage, Nagarabhavi, Bangalore-560072
Telephone number: 23483888/29771133
Mobile number: 9243031872
Email: [email protected]
Email (main): [email protected]
Official website:


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