Sri Kumaran Public School Admission 2020 Registration Form Eligibility Criteria


The Sri Kumaran public school Admission Process Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021:

About The School:-

Kumaran School is one of the 15 best schools in Bangalore. Founded in 1959, the school is recognized as the best-mixed school in Bangalore. The school is only 55 km from the international airport and 8 km from the Banashankari Temple, Kanakapura Road. The current enrollment in the school is 2657. The school has very few facilities such as first aid, resource room and corrective teaching, vocational guidance for classes X and XII, after school sports program for volunteer students, interactions between parents and teachers, system school transport and network of former students.

The Sri Kumaran public school has created a reference in the development of intellectuals. The school is affiliated with
the Certificate of Secondary Education in India (ICSE) and was founded in 1995. This school is an indicator of excellence
and commitment. Children can have fun while they get an education in this school.

Facilities Provided by the School:-

The school offers various extracurricular activities such as swimming, tennis, badminton, cricket, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, sports program, Duke of Edinburgh program, social services club, school band, etc. Your parish can participate in various external examinations NTSE, NSTSE, ASSET, UNSW, KVPY and various Olympics exams.

Kumaran’s School Admission Mode 2020, application, test dates:-

Kumaran’s School has become one of the 15 best schools in Bangalore. All you need to know about the conditions of admission to the school, such as the application procedure, the application method, the required documents, the tax structure, the
last application date for the academic year 2020-2021:

Availability date of the application form 1st week of January 2020 (planned)
Admission test for classes II to IX, the first week of April 2020 (planned)
Communication of test results 2nd week of April 2020 (planned)
Online application mode

Documents to download for Admission:-

a photo of the size of the child’s class I passport;
Copy of the child’s Aadhar card – Mandatory if the child is an Indian citizen;
Copy of the child’s birth certificate;
Copy of passport cover – only if the child is a foreign citizen and has a foreign passport; Downloadable documents for classes II to IX Photos of the dimensions of the child’s passport

Contact address and details:-

6th main road, Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi
Bangalore – 560004
Telephone number 080-26760478
Official website

Eligibility criteria for classes I to XI:-

Classes Date of birth
Class I 01.09.2013 – 31.12.2014
Class II 01.09.2012 – 31.08.2013
Class III 01.09.2011 – 31.08.2012
Class IV 01.09.2010 – 31.08.2011
Class V 01.09.2009 – 31.08.2010
Class VI 01.09.2008 – 31.08.2009
Class VII 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2008
Class VIII 01.09.2006 – 31.08.2007
Class IX 01.09.2005 – 31.08.2006

Admissions to Sri Kumaran public schools:-

Only the online application forms will be entertained. No form will be given to the school.
If you already have an account on, (existing parents), you will no longer need to register. If you want to apply for another district, you can do so by logging into your current account. Select your current neighbourhood
and left side, click on the Request new neighbourhood link.
If you do not have an account (New parents), click here to register (This link will be activated to dd / mm / yyyy). When
you register, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. You will need to activate your account and log in to apply.
Please note your login and password used during registration for subsequent access to pupilpod regarding the status of the application. (URL for access:
The online application forms will be available on September 10th 2012 from 9:00 am

The infrastructure of the school:-

The school campus covers an area of 23 hectares and is fully equipped with 36 large, well-equipped classrooms and the computer lab is well equipped with over 50 systems. There are special workshops for mathematics, computer science, innovative art rooms and a coffee shop.

Sports facilities: –

The school has a large playground where all important sporting activities take place: basketball court,
volleyball court, soccer field, balloon field and cricket.

The description:-

Sri Kumaran Children Home is located in Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. Sri Kumaran Children Home was founded in 1959.
Sri Kumaran Children’s Home is a mixed school. The student-teacher relationship of the Sri Kumaran children’s home can be estimated at 1 teacher per 14 students. It is a high school (class 1-12), where the lowest class is the first class and the highest
class is the tenth. You can find other important information about the school, such as Sri Kumaran registration fees, transport services and other important information on access to the Sri Kumaran children’s home. Browse below to read all the information about Sri Kumaran’s Children Home. The School Place provides you with the latest information on all schools in India and around the world.

Admission documents to the Sri Kumaran children’s school:-

1. Three photographs of the child, father, mother
2. Copy of the Aadhar card / driving license / electoral card / ration card / passport / last rental contract registered /
electricity bill / Bank account statement/water bill/telephone bill
3. Birth certificate of the child issued by the competent authority
4. Copy of proof of income – ITR or copy of the account statement in the last 3 months
5. Copy of the panoramic map of both parents
6. Copy of the degree certificate and the last sheet of notes, if admission is required for class 1 and following
7. Copy of proof of a former student. (if applicable)
8. Copy of court order for single father/mother. (if applicable)
9. Copy of the brothers’ test (if applicable)

Sri Kumaran children’s home upper-class procedure:-

Admission depends on the availability of places in the desired class. Students wishing to be admitted to the school must register
on the form provided for this purpose, available at the school reception.

Admission procedure to the Sri Kumaran day centre for children:-

Admission procedure 2019-2020
1. The modules will be issued – December 15, 2018.
2. Last date of submission of the form – 7 January 2019.
3. The first list (including the waiting list) with points awarded according to the points system – 4 February 2019
4. Resolution of the parents’ questions regarding the points – from February 5th 2019 to February 12th 2019
5. The second list (including the waiting list) with points for scoring – 21 February 2019
6. Resolution of the parents’ questions concerning the points: from 22 February 2019 to 28 February 2019
7. Subsequent admission list, if applicable – 15 March 2019
8. Closure of the admission procedure – March 31, 2019

Address of Sri Kumaran Public School:-

Request no. 44 – 48,
Mallasandra Village
Uttarahalli Hobli,
Off the main street of Kanakapura
Bangalore South Taluk
Pino – 560062.
Ph: 080-65839368, 65839370,
Mobile phone: 9980922076
Email: [email protected]


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