St. Angela Sophia secondary school Jaipur Admission Registration Form 2020

Angela Sophia secondary school Jaipur

The St. Angela Sophia secondary school Admission Process Registration Form For Academic Year 2020-2021

Basic Details About The School:-

The St. Angela Sophia secondary school, Ghat Gate, Jaipur, is a school for girls affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi. Originally founded as a guesthouse in Ajmer to care for Christian orphans, the school bears the name of Sant’Angela de Merici. The orphanage was transferred to Jaipur on 25 February 1926 as a
school and the first scholarly day was admitted in 1928, while the orphanage for underprivileged Christian children continues to function. However, the school admits children of all beliefs. The Sainte-Angèle-Sainte-Sophie school is run by the sisters of the Ajmer mission and reports to the general manager/President of the Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Ajmer. The school was transformed into a secondary school in July
1989 and received affiliation from the CBSE in 1996.

The infrastructure of The St. Angela Sophia secondary school:-

The school’s 2,249-acre campus houses a library with a collection of 4,000 books, an auditorium, well-equipped IT, physics,
chemistry and biology laboratories, dance halls, music halls, a medical infirmary and a playground 1,000 square meters.

Academic courses of The St. Angela Sophia secondary school:-

The school follows the CBSE program and offers lessons from class I to XII. In the nursery section, children learn subjects such as English, mathematics, GK, Hindi and drawing, while in the primary section, subjects include English, Hindi, mathematics, social sciences, sciences, moral sciences, GK, drawing, computer science, education physics and dance. In the central part, the subjects taught are English, Hindi, mathematics, social sciences, science, geography, drawing, computer science, Sanskrit, value education, art and crafts, music and dance. The subjects of the second section are English, Hindi, mathematics,
humanities, computer science, Sanskrit, value education, physical education, art and science. crafts.

In addition to academics, the school offers clubs for students from grades V to X such as English clubs, Hindi clubs, math clubs,
science clubs, music clubs, dance clubs, drawing clubs, health and wellness club clubs, Eco clubs, NCC Club, Garden Club, Sports Club, Yoga Club and First Aid Club.

The upper secondary section has three components:

Humanities: English by choice, Hindi, home sciences, sociology, political science/entrepreneurship/ intellectual property

Commerce: functional English, economics, accounting, business studies, mathematics / entrepreneurship / intellectual property

Science: functional English, physics, chemistry, biology/mathematics, physical education

Admission Details:-

The admission process to the Sophia Secondary School starts every year in May and the school starts in July. For admission to the Sophia Senior Secondary School, parents must follow these steps:

Make an appointment with the school admissions office.
Get the registration form from the school office or school website.
Fill out the registration form and send the necessary documents to the admissions office.

Admission Process of The St. Angela Sophia secondary school:-

1. The management reserves the right to establish the conditions under which to admit or retain students in the school.
2. A girl who has just returned home must present an official birth certificate, such as a municipal/baptismal certificate, to support the date of birth indicated on the admission form. At no time and under any circumstances will any requests to change the
date of birth be accepted.
3. A candidate who has attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without a degree certificate from the same school.
4. No entry will be reserved for students studying in Ajmer and Kishangarh for grades 1 to 9.
5. Students are usually admitted only at the beginning of the April session. Admission is not permitted until the girl has passed a general aptitude test for the essential material of the class. No candidate will be admitted without maintenance and a
written test. The principal reserves the right to admit a student in the class for which he considers him the most suitable.
6. The promotions are based on the student’s work throughout the year, therefore the importance of attending regularly, tests and
7. Students who are absent from an exam for any reason are not examined separately.

Admissions in The St. Angela Sophia secondary school Ajmer  2019-20:-

The Lower KG class registration form for the 2019-20 session will soon be available online on the official website. The dates will be 10, 11 and 12 January 2019 between 19:00 and 23:00. The official website of Sophia Ajmer School is

The St. Angela Sophia secondary school fees structure:-

Commissions must be paid to Canara Bank. Each child is given a booklet and instructions on how to pay tuition fees are provided.
Commissions once paid will not be refunded.
Progress reports, as well as the final exam report and transfer certificates, will be retained due to unpaid tuition unless the tolerance has been obtained well in advance.
KG. Rs. 1200 per month
Primary Rs. 1240
Class VI-VIII Rs. 1510
Classes IX – X Rs.1610
Classes XI-XII Rs. 2180


For admission to the kindergarten, the age limit is at least 2 years and 6 months from 31 May.
For class I, the age limit is 5 years and 6 months from 31 May.

Requested documents for Admission:-

Completed Registration form
Certified copy of the birth certificate
Transfer certificate, score sheet of the last exam.
Passport size photo

Admission Procedure:-

Class I admissions:

The age of eligibility for admission to class I is 5 years and the submission of a birth certificate is a must.

Admission to other courses is subject to availability and the production of the birth certificate and the transfer certificate of the previous school is mandatory. Only students from recognized institutions are admitted.

Class XI admissions:

Students with less than 80% in science and maths are asked not to apply to science and mathematics and admission will depend on the character, regularity, performance and number of places of each student.

Admission documents to Sophia High School:-

1. Three photographs of the child, father, mother
2. Copy of the Aadhar card / driving license / electoral card / reason card / passport / last rental contract registered /
electricity bill / Bank account statement/water bill/telephone bill
3. Birth certificate of the child issued by the competent authority
4. Copy of proof of income – ITR or copy of the account statement in the last 3 months
5. Copy of the pan card of both parents
6. Copy of the degree certificate and the last sheet of notes, if admission is required for class 1 and following
7. Copy of proof of a former student. (if applicable)
8. copy of the court order for a single father/mother. (if applicable)

Admission procedure for kindergartens of the Sophia Senior Secondary School:-

Admission procedure 2019-20
1. The forms will be issued on December 15, 2018.
2. Last day of presentation of the form – 7 January 2019.
3. The first list (including the waiting list) with points awarded after the points system – 4 February 2019
4. Clarification of parental questions on the issues – from 5 February 2019 to 12 February 2019
5. The second list (including the waiting list) with points – 21 February 2019
6. Clarification of parental questions on the points – 22 February 2019-28 February 2019
7. Subsequent admission list, if applicable – 15 March 2019
8. Completion of the admission procedure – March 31, 2019

Sophia School Ajmer Contact information and Address:-

If someone has problems with admission. Although we provide you with contact details and phone numbers. Similarly, here are the details.

ST. Angela Sophia High School
Marshall, Ajmer – 305001, Rajasthan, India
Telephone: 0145 – 2420443
Email: [email protected]


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