The Government Law College GLC Mumbai Admission Registration Admit Card 2020

GLC Mumbai Admission

The Government Law College, GLC Mumbai Admission Process Registration Form 2020 Admit Card, Eligibility Criteria, Result:

GLC Mumbai Basic Information For Law Admission, Mumbai:-

The Government Law College is located in Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, in India. Founded in 1855, it is accredited by Altro and is affiliated with the University of Mumbai. GLC MUMBAI, Mumbai offers 5 courses in 1 course, namely law, and
4 degrees (LLB, BLS + LLB, DPI, diploma). The hostel is not available for students. Additional services on campus, such as air conditioning, ATM, youth hostel, canteen, computer lab, library, medical facilities, CLs. Room, Sports, WiFi is there too.

Admission Eligibility Criteria In GLC MUMBAI LLB 2020:-

A candidate who passes the degree exam at the University of Mumbai, in any faculty with a minimum grade of 50%, or a corresponding exam from any other University recognized as equivalent by the University of Mumbai with the minimum of the required grades, may be
admitted in the first year. LLB The percentage of votes mentioned above will be reduced by 5% for candidates in the reserved categories. Consequently, the minimum percentage of eligibility for a student in the reserved category is 45%.

Admission Procedure of GLC Mumbai:-

Admission is based on merit. A minimum of 45% of the HSC exam points (10 + 2) on the first attempt is the eligibility required for admission. For students with more than 40% but less than 45%, the University can take a joint eligibility exam. The admission
process for the first year of the five-year course starts immediately after the declaration of the GSC results. There is a 50% reservation for categories reserved by the state of Maharashtra. The prospectus and the application form will be available at the
college office. The duly completed admission form must be presented to the college office within the set deadline. And then, three merit lists are developed:

(1) General category: students of the Maharashtra State Board of the century And the HSC exams.

(2) Confidential category of Maharashtra

(3) General category: students of boards other than Maharashtra. Students in this category must have at least 5% more points than students in Maharashtra.

The selected students are interviewed and admitted. The interview is just a formality. The signs of breakage vary every year.
They have increased in recent years. Sometimes admissions have closed between 75 and 80%.

The course structure of GLC Mumbai For 2020:-

The BLS LLB program is a full-time course of 10 semesters. The first 2 years (4 semesters) constitute a “pre-law” course in which the student learns subjects from social sciences such as economics, political science, sociology, history, logic, English, legal
language, court history, etc. Over the next three years, legal entities are treated – such as crimes, contracts, family law, labor law, constitutional law, property rights, criminal law, right to interpretation of laws, alternative dispute resolution, etc.
During their eighth and tenth semesters, students have the opportunity to choose particular subjects and compulsory subjects. In total, 4 practical jobs are required for all students. The BLS diploma is awarded to students after successful completion of the
3rd year and the LLB diploma is awarded after 5 years.

The BLS diploma is an advantage for students because they graduated after 3 years and are free to follow other PG courses side by side. Also, they become eligible to apply for a job or various admissions exams.

GLC Mumbai Admission Details and College infrastructure:-

The college is located in the lively Churchgate neighborhood. The college houses huge classrooms on the ground floor, second and third floors, as well as a library, an auditorium, a canteen, etc. The college now has an annex with additional classrooms, seminar
rooms, and a library.

GLC Mumbai Admission and Campus Library:-

This is where the GLC students flock. It is a centre of great activity in GLC. The Harilal J.Kania library and reading room on the third floor have maximum participation. The library has a vast collection of books on virtually every topic a law student would need (you may find it difficult to find what you want, but you might find it!). The library subscribes to a large number of magazines and reports (it applies the same rule of thumb also to find newspapers – look patiently). The library is the centre of all types of research, studies and even lively discussions on controversial topics (the librarian’s warnings on
silence does not deter students!)

The auditorium or Audi, as it is affectionately known, is where the main college programs and functions take places – such as the inaugural function, the Chagla conference series, other cultural events and the annual day.

Extra-curricular Activities:-

Student Council:-

This is the top student group and represents the entire student community. Members are appointed to the Board
based on merit and remain in office for that year. Members also elect the general secretary of the college. The council organizes various events such as the inaugural day, the series of Chagla lessons and the annual day. Its members are the most coveted position in the GLC.

Moot Court Association:-

The MCA is the committee responsible for organizing various actions of the college, including carrying out the elimination phases of various actions and organizing national and municipal competitions at city and college level. It is an association formed by a large number of members and called “Gabinetto Jumbo”.

Triage is one of the main activities of the college. In recent years, there has been an extraordinary response and participation in the moots. One of the best things about GLC mediation, which sets it apart from other law schools, is that there is no established standard team that continues to participate in campaigns across the country. For each competition held, an elimination phase is organized each time at the university level. Any student can participate in college eliminations;
he/she must only have participated in the Fresher competition. This guarantees everyone the right chance to test themselves.
Even the best shooter will have to demonstrate (again) his skills to be part of the GLC mediation team.

Magazine Committee:-

This committee is responsible for publishing the annual college magazine – “LAWnge”.

Law Review Committee:-

It is responsible for publishing the annual review of GLC laws. Judge Y. V. Chandrachud, former chief judge of India, is the director of the Law Review for the third consecutive year. The revision of the GLC legislation was widely disseminated and was a great success.

Placement Committee:-

It is responsible for the recruitment program on the university campus. Organize a college placement week in which various companies, corporations, leading councils and lawyers interview students and recruit them. Members’ work involves visiting and contacting companies and their supporters. Although the work is a bit hectic, it involves more personal interaction between the members of the committee and the employers.

Social Services League:-

This commission promotes various forms of social services, such as slum development programs, conferences on social issues, public awareness of justice and so on. The committee, in association with the NGO “Prayas”,
organizes prison visits for final year students in which students prepare bail applications. Efforts are also being made to promote the same type of program in children’s homes. The committee is also attempting to set up a follow-up program to monitor
the status of prepared bail applications.

Dramatics Society:-

This committee, in association with the music club and various other committees such as Hindi Parishad, Marathi Mandal and Gujarati Mandal organizes various cultural events in the college. They also organize various days like the traditional festival, the day of the rose, the day of the chocolate, etc. All these committees make the colourful and dynamic life of the GLC.

Sports Committee:-

organizes various university sports activities. It also organizes a sports week. The college offers decent sports facilities for students.

GLC Mumbai Contact For more details:-

The Law Colege Government,
‘A street, Churchgate
Mumbai – 400 020
Maharastra – India
Telephone Number: +91 – 22 – 2204 1707,
+91 – 22 – 2285 1315
Email/Web: [email protected]


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