Vindhyachal Academy Bhopal Admission 2020 Registration Form Eligibility Criteria


The Vindhyachal Academy Bhopal Admission Process Registration Procedure for Academic Year 2020-2021

Basic Information About The School:-

The Vindhyachal Academy in Bhopal is a mixed English-language mixed school founded in 2004. It is connected to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi and offers pre-primary education for secondary education. The school is committed to ensuring a good mix of school activities and a good level of discipline and punctuality, which contributes greatly to the formation of a strong character.

The Vindhyachal Academy Dewas was founded in 1991 to meet the qualitative educational needs of this measured and mechanical city. The goal set during the introductory season, which remains unchanged, is to create duplicates with an inner conviction so that they have sufficient visibility after leaving school to discover a laudable and appropriate openness in public. You should also be able to achieve this goal.

Admission Process of The Vindhyachal Academy:-

Admission is based on the interview.

Facilities offered by The Vindhyachal Academy:-

The school has facilities like a library with an excellent collection of books for all levels and ages, scientific laboratories, audiovisual spaces that are often used for visual learning and an auditorium.

Registration required documents:-

1. Three photos of the child, father, mother
2. Copy of the Aadhar card / driving license / badge / electoral card / card / passport / lease registered for last / bill / bank
account bank account / water bill / telephone bill
3. Birth certificate of the child issued by the competent authority
4. Copy of proof of income – ITR or copy of the statement of the last 3 months
5. Copy of the pan card of both parents
6. Copy of the diploma and the last sheet of music if the application for Class 1 and the following is required
7. Copy of proof of a former student. (if applicable)
8. copy of the court order for a single father/mother. (if applicable)

Admission Procedure of the Vindhyachal Academy:-

Admission depends on the availability of places in the desired class. Students wishing to be admitted to school must register using the form provided at the school reception.

Admission schedule at the Vindhyachal Academy for the Year 2019-2020:-

Admission procedure 2019-20
1. The forms will be issued on December 15, 2018.
2. Last day of presentation of the form – 7 January 2019.
3. The first list (including the waiting list) with points awarded after the points system – 4 February 2019
4. Clarification of parental questions on the issues – from 5 February 2019 to 12 February 2019
5. The second list (including the waiting list) with points – 21 February 2019
6. Clarification of parental questions on the points – 22 February 2019-28 February 2019
7. Subsequent admission list, if applicable – 15 March 2019
8. Completion of the admission procedure – March 31, 2019

Address and contact details of the Vindhyachal Academy:-

Road to Chichili Bairagarh Kolar, Bhopal


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