BI Tool With Tally ERP9 Software Online 2020 BI Tool Make Easy To Create reports


Every business, whether small, medium or large, needs accurate Finance reporting to make relevant decisions and better manage its business. This is where Tally comes into action. But is Tally enough to handle all business reporting requests? To leverage internal data to strengthen the reporting process, you need to integrate it with the most advanced BI software. BI includes modern features and features that let you use all the data to create customized results that meet your needs.

BI software with Tally ERP9 makes reporting easier.

Rapid report generation without the help of data analysts: With built-in BI at Tally, a company does not have to spend a lot of money after external programmers for specialized reports. Custom panels, reports, KPIs, and graphical analysis make it easy to create reports, eliminating the need for programmers. The user can easily and quickly learn the easy to use the tool.

Best BI for Tally MIS Reports and Dashboard 2020

Response to ad-hoc queries: BI software offers the ability to provide users with quick information about data records. Whatever the ad hoc consultation of the consumer, the user can get the answer to this software. If an account user only has access to static data, they can not present to customers what is needed.

How to implement BI with Tally Integration 2020

Getting fast results with a large amount of data becomes very easy with BI. Employees who handle Tally can interact with receptive data without having to wait long before generating reports from a data specialist.

Customized Data Visualization and Tally’s integrated BI software 

Customized Data Visualization: With Tally’s integrated BI software, consolidated data views become a possibility. You can get instant views of desired data from sources such as Excel, Tally, and other spreadsheets or repositories. Reports can be customized with variable filters, fields, and categories with complete accuracy because it does not involve human intervention.

Flexible Data Accessibility With Tally’s integrated BI software

Flexible Data Accessibility: You may need data anywhere outside your workstation, Finance and BI allows you to get it. Even if you’re away from your office, you can access data from anywhere, anytime, from a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. The data can be viewed by a single user, a team or as many users as you want. It allows a centralized government with specific user permissions to protect data from unauthorized persons.

Best business intelligence software for Tally users in 2020

To get the best business intelligence software that you can integrate into your reporting system, you need a reliable vendor. EasyReports is an easy-to-use reporting software that works with the industry-leading BI solution for simple, smart reports for Tally users.

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