Main benefits of Business Intelligence BI Tools – Tally ERP 9 with BI Jobs 2020


Business Intelligence integrated with Tally ERP By helping companies succeed, technology has played a vital role. Effective technological inventions have made work and life easier for almost all sectors. Similarly in business processes and data management, today Business Intelligence has become a popular name.

Benefits of Business Intelligence integrated with Tally in 2020 2021

BI has been beneficial for companies in terms of reducing time consumption for reports and predictive analysis. After being integrated with Tally ERP 9, this intelligent tool simplifies the import of data from Tally and other applications or data warehouses, as well as data analysis. Reports in different formats, time comparison and personalization can easily be performed with BI without any external help from third parties or qualified personnel.

Benefits of tally integration with BI in 2020 2021

The integration of tally BI has simplified and accelerated the entire process and many related jobs. Human intervention is no longer necessary to manually select data from a large pool and produce a report that responds to a specific problem. The conventional method was neither reliable nor flawless. But the advanced BI automation system is free of such unpredictable risks or inconsistencies.

Benefits Of Integrating Tally ERP 9 With BI In 2020

By making the whole reporting process and data analysis solid and evidence-based, BI offers four more specific advantages, which are summarized below.

Benefits of Tally ERP 9 Integration 2020 BI Tool Jobs 2020

Predictive analysis: this is the most important and most effective of all the advantages offered by BI. Concrete results and valuable information are essential to a company’s success. A simple data collection cannot help the management decide which actions or actions to take. Based on the predictive data analysis provided by BI, a company can modify its business development plans accordingly to improve sales.

Business Intelligence BI Tools Accuracy, Information, Scopes

For accurate reporting, accurate data is required. Therefore, if the data is selected and entered manually, there is a risk of error that will compromise the reporting efforts. Data entries must be correct for the correct data outputs. Not only accurate, but the data must also be relevant to address the specific problem in question. To ensure that there are no GIGO problems in the reporting system, integration with BI Data is required. The integration guarantees that the data provided is accurate and practical.

Usable information: success depends not only on valuable knowledge but also on specific information that can be exploited. To make the right decision by making informed decisions, a company needs usable information. Part of it is favored by the capture and analysis of precise data. BI also provides time-based reports, performance metrics, integrated dashboards, reports and other features that collectively help generate effective and personalized Finance reports. A company can get answers to all its problems with the advanced features of BI, which it is impossible to provide using Tally.

Time comparison: data on the performance of a product or suppliers in a specific time interval can only be provided by BI. Unlike manual efforts, the result of this software is much faster and more precise. Without comparing performance in a timely manner, key decisions cannot be made with the desired results. Timely and quick reporting helps make business processes more fluid.

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