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GapCover is a short-term insurance product designed for members of a medical scheme. It provides additional cover for any kind of medical shortfall, which might occur during in-hospital procedures. GapCover offers affordable cover for the whole family against expense shortfalls. There is no medical examination needed to become a member. The entire process is smooth, quick and hassle-free.

Specialist Doctors often charge up to 500% more than the amount of your medical scheme. It often becomes difficult to pay for such a shortfall and people find it quite difficult to arrange the money in such a short-time. At times the shortfall can be of R50,000 and even more. In such situations, GapCover can pay as much as R157 000 per beneficiary per annum towards such shortfalls. GapCover offers a preferred rate for combined benefits.

Need for GapCover:
Often there is shortfall between a medical scheme and the cost of an in-hospital procedure. The primary reason is that service providers usually charge a bit more than the medical scheme rate. There are a few hospitals or comprehensive medical plans which cover 100%, 150% or even 200% of the medical scheme rates for hospitalisation, but the actual costs might increase to 500% of the medical scheme. Such a shortfall can become your out of pocket expense. With GapCover, you can avoid this extra cost. GapCover helps to cover the difference between what your medical scheme pays and what you need to pay.

How GapCover Policy Holders Benefits:
GapCover is completely hassle-free and is an easy and convenient service. Members do not have to pay any kind of additional charges or any kind of administration or intermediary costs. One price per family is paid, which includes payment for the insured and six family members.

Members get a benefit confirmation before the planned procedure, which gives an assurance about the costs incurred. They can focus totally on the recovery and not on any kind of unpaid doctors bill. Besides this, policyholders can get in touch with the dedicated support team for any kind of requirement. Claims are quickly finalized through a smooth process.

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About GapCover:
GapCover is a popular short-term insurance product, which offers affordable cover for your family, against different medical expense shortfalls, occurred during treatment. GapCover offers hassle-free and easy services. Users can pay a single price per family, which includes the insured and six family members.

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