New York Stem Cell – Wellness Center Promotes Regenerative Medicine in NYC


Suffering from a chronic disease or an unbearable joint pain? New York Stem Cell is offering unconventional and effective solutions for most health problems. Dr. Vikas Verma, a neurologist and pain management specialist with his dedicated team and advanced technologies is here to help you in improving your overall health. With a wide range of health treatments like regenerative medicine, epidurals, BHRT, he is keen to help you deal with even the most chronic health conditions effectively. 

Use of stem cells, the concept behind s regenerative therapy, are the building blocks of the human body. These promote the repair and responses from the injured, diseased and diffused tissues and organs of the human body. 

The promising field of stem cell therapy offers the successful treatment to incurable diseases such as diabetic leg, heart, liver and kidney disease, and restoring the normal body functions. Stem cell therapy is the second door of organ transplantation, which promotes the cells instead of donor organ as donor organs are limited in number. 

If you are suffering from any chronic joint pain including knee pain, hip and backache, arthritis or other joint pain New York Stem Cell has the solution you have been looking for. Stem cell therapy that they offer provides a long-term relief to all your joint pains and other health conditions. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Remove your pain from its root cause. Contact them today at and get the best treatment for your joint pain and neuropathy.


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