A Step Away from Successful DME Medical Billing


Today every healthcare provider is looking for outsourcing effective solution to ease out their DME medical billing problems. Though with the increase in the DME market the rise of outsourcing billing market also increasing but still, with these various option providers still find it difficult choosing the right operational extension.

Reason to look before choosing your DME medical billing operational extension:

Quality – the quality is extremely important as work productivity and information safety depends on it.

Pricing – the main reason for outsourcing prior authorization for DME is to reduce the expense. In fact, all healthcare providers should look for outsourcing organization that can offer the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

Productive metric – healthcare providers must go for the outsourcing organization that provides with highest productive metric.

Why Sunknowledge is a perfect fit:

Sunknowledge has an individual dedicate account manager for each account. In fact, we do not provide one fit solution for all but we provide a customized solution to each of our clients. This is why Sunknowledge is the perfect fit for any kind of radiology, specialties pharmacies, urgent care, DME medical billing, and other medical billing services.

Quality – being a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance we ensure in delivering the best quality and security with our work and the information provided to us.

Pricing – Sunknowledge provides only $7 per hour per for the service charge which is even Lower than the minimum wages.

Productive metric – we have a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate which helping is achieving the highest productive metric; we can beat as well as meet any productive metric.

Other advantages:

  • Operational transparency and seamless transitional capabilities
  • We guarantee 97% first pass highest collection rate
  • Instant reduction of 80% in your operations costs. No FICA, paid holidays, medical benefits, etc
  • 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket
  • Customized reporting on a daily/weekly /monthly basis according to the client’s protocol
  • No write-offs or adjustment on claims without the client’s consent
  • Dedicated account managers with their identities, providing you end to end support
  • No binding contracts and no hidden cost

With the above service, we are the only RCM organization providing pre-billing activities too. So call our expert to get a profitable revenue generation and streamline operation for your DME medical billing, our experts are just a call away!


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