Top Technological Trends Across The HME / DMEPOS World


It is true that 2018 was quite an eventful years for the healthcare providers. There have been serious strides in automation and artificial intelligence, rise in outsourced medical billing and a serious shift to value-based care.

Transparency inpatient payment experience

Almost 65% of the patients are quite open to switching their healthcare providers extending a better payment experience in all proportions. We now live in a world in which anything you want or need is just a few clicks away. Physicians have to consider how their patients are treated during the collection cycle. They surely look for more information about how much they are responsible for paying upfront.

Payment tools that create convenience

Considering all the aspects of a billing cycle, from pre-visit to collections, estimation tools help patients with a clear snapshot of how much they owe out of pocket. While you build trust and increase the chances of collections, the patients are also not blindsided down the road with a surprise bill.

Not to forget, how your staffs interact with the patients on a daily basis and proper training and understanding to have the ability to answer all the questions that the patients have about their balance and solutions to it is critical.

 Increasing Cost and time is facilitating automation in medical billing

The question with many medical billers right now is “Does automation takes away my job?” Ideally, automation allows the billers to have a faster and smarter approach, eliminating unnecessary manual processes that can delay collections like processing of claims.

It allows staff to focus on one thing that automation fails …interact with the patients! The software lacks the ability to show empathy while the patient needs the right interaction approach through the payment process. The only reason why patient experience is so important!

 Sunknowledge Services Inc: The perfect partner for your HME billing needs

The capability of delivering actionable solutions in both pre and post billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect answer for all your HME / DMEPOS billing. We are a one-stop operational arm for some of the leading names across the country.

Right from the east coast to the west, we deliver our front and back end solutions in RCM that transpires to better collections. We deliver an immediate reduction of billing costs by 80%, by performing task-specific activities in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management, and accounts receivable collections.

Our host of services encompasses:

Billing Services
Pre Billing Eligibility Verification – online
Eligibility Verification – online (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check) BCBS
Prior Authorization
Prior Authorization (with dr.’s office follow/up) / Re-authorization
Dr.’s office follow-up
Order entry (patient, provider, insurance, item, etc.)
Post Billing Rejection management
Posting – auto (without audit)
Posting – auto (with an audit)
Posting – manual
A/R follow-up
A/R & Denial Management
Support Activities CPAP Compliance (with patient counseling calls)
Patient collections
Re-supply order calls (to the patient to confirm requirement)
Hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold, etc.)


Looking to know more about our services? We are ready to offer you a complete action plan on how we make a visible difference by sharing our functional best practices with you over a “no commitment call”.


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